Is it possible????

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Is it possible????
Post # 1
I employed a spell caster recommended to me by an email from someone here. I now find out the caster could well be a scammer.

Anyway, at the same time she was casting I was also tinkering with my own spells, just a little candle magick.

So, I was getting flurries of signs and I assumed it was the Spellcasters work, could it really have been my own spells that were manifesting???

I am 42 but have always felt a very deep connection to nature and lived a Wiccan life without even knowing about Wicca. Its only recently I have been reading Bucklands Book and can see the similarities.

Is it possible that my spells, although not fully manifesting are actually working? After only practicing for about 6 months?

Caroline x
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Re: Is it possible????
Post # 2
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Re: Is it possible????
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Very possible.

Hi CarolineAlon,

I myself only do my own from my book of Shadows that was handed to me from a line of Witches in my family of Witches but at the same time i do ask for suggestions is never to old to learn im 64.

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Re: Is it possible????
Post # 4
I wish I had never read that message in my inbox, she has disappeared from here now but only after myself and another spent too much hard earned money.

I must trust in myself, I strayed, was burned, have learned and am ready to reaffirm my confidence.

I am only just building my Book of Shadows. I have pressed my favorite flowers and grasses and am attempting to write my own spells, the book already feels very special to me and always feels warm to the touch. I also have a favorite incense that I have inserted down the spine. It is pretty, personal and I hope one day to pass it to an aspiring young Wiccan. It just feels like me, smells like me and is truly a part of me already.

I am lucky (or to live alone with my 4 cats so I am free to cast whenever I like, my BOS takes pride of place on my altar and I dont care what people think, I am who I am.

Sweet Blessings

Caroline x x x
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