New and seeking guidance

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New and seeking guidance
Post # 1
Hi, I have been coming to this site often over the past few months. I decided I would join and ask for guidance today. Just because I ask doesn't mean I will do just whatever is in reply to me. I will meditate and seek further guidance beyond suggestions. But please by all means, if you have a suggestion, let me hear it! Thanks!

I am a bit older and have been practicing magic for approx 8 months. I'm in a predicament... boyfriend of 4 plus years was led to believe I cheated on him. He has asked me to leave the house and has temporarily move in with his father and has filed an eviction notice. His dad and a friend of his keep things stirred up and we can't even talk. It becomes an argument. I need to have the situation calmed and boyfriend able to communicate without interference. I need a chance to work thru things with him. I love him and I know he loves me. But its so complicated, I am not sure where to begin.
I have been off work for three months and am having surgery in two weeks which means six more weeks without work. I have no money as I have depleted everything in 3 months. I have nothing to obtain a place to live.... I am somewhat devastated and I know the money situation will fall into place. For now I need the love of my life to return. Can anyone help me here?
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Re: New and seeking guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i actually have something that might help you.
mail me for some intructions dear.
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Re: New and seeking guidance
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Welcome to the Family, here at SOM.

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Re: New and seeking guida
Post # 4
same here welcome to the family

I have something that might help mail me
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Re: New and seeking guidance
Post # 5

Merry meet & welcome to SOM, I suggest you read though the coven notes & join a coven that's best for you as this is the way to find guidance, advise, help & support though your coven family. Blessed be x

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