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wiccan club
Post # 1
so me and my friend want to sart a wiccan club at school but don't know what we would be able to teach people since it will be held at a school. can any one please help
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Re: wiccan club
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: wiccan club
By: / Novice
Post # 3
first, it starts with what type of school/community you live in, and how many people wish to be in your club. tools like your athame defiantly will be out, and it should have more theory than circle work since people might say you're doing 'black magic' and cursing people. maybe only once a month you should practice spell casting if at all. magic really isn't that important.

before addressing the person in charge [be it a teacher, principal or even the school board] write down some information in great detail. explain what wicca is, what the beliefs are, and the thing your club wishes to accomplish.
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Re: wiccan club
Post # 4

I think it would be best to have more of a friendship group rather than a school group. You could gather somewhere at breaktimes or lunchtimes and teach, learn and talk about wicca. And on weekends and after school you could perhaps gather at a park or coffe shop or something to that effect to talk about things.

Im not saying you should be ashamed of being a witch, but me and my two cousins all going through school being known as witches it can be very hard and the bullying can be endless.

And as mentioned in a previous post i think if you are going to do it in school Carrying a ritualistic knife and broom about may not go down well.

Hope this helps. Grey Lady

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Re: wiccan club
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I would think that before one set out to start a club for Wiccans at your school you'd want to make certain that you knew enough about Wicca to thoroughly explain it first to the authorities at your school and secondly to any students who might join you in it. Having looked at your profile which says that if someone annoys you you'll use magic to "punish" them tells me that you haven't yet grasped some of the ethical basis of Wicca.

I also wonder about whether your so-called "Master" is even really Wiccan. Wicca is about individual responsibility and growth. We may have those who help us to learn along the way, but we don't have "Masters".

Perhaps rather than trying to form an official group at school and risk ridicule and harassment from other students you might want to consider forming a study group away from school where all could spend time learning what Wicca is all about rather than the Hollywood version that seems to be what you know at the moment.
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