creativity boost?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> creativity boost?

creativity boost?
Post # 1
Hi guys,
is there any spell that could help me increase my creativity? im an art student and lately i have some kind of an artist block, and i fee like im loosing interest in drawing... what should i do?
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Re: creativity boost?
Post # 2
I know I've seen spells for that. Did you search for it under the spells tab?
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Re: creativity boost?
Post # 3
Yes, but I didnt find anything...
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Re: creativity boost?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Dear moon15 being artisctic by nature i can relate to your situation a lot .Since your magic is your personal thing i would suggest that you really write your own spell ,but i am willing to give you few tips that will aid you in the process .
Remember that whatever had worked for others may not work for you ,therefore you need to relate(personize ) to yourself any spell that you decide to use or even write your own .

Living constant mundane life that goes on and on with repetative motion will lead naturally to creative blockage .Try to break your routine and to add in your life elements of surprise and craziness sort off .Walk in the nature and let your eyes wonder over all the colors she has created ,or if you live in city choose street with colorful small shops that have weird and interesting objects to sell or have colorful themes .Candy shop or shop for natural cosmetics will work fine they are colorful and they smell gorgeous .
Drink natural juices that are made from orange or yellow colored fruits (the best are orange ,lemon and grapefruit ).You can also add those essential oils on incense sticks for your spell .
Wear orange colors or yellow (if you dislike those strongly go with colors that are bright and vibrant ).
If you are about to construct a spell use the element fire ,because fire has to do with passion and creativity .However we know that in order for fire to burn air is needed and air itself is related with ideas .So you can use both elements air and fire in your spell .That can be done through burning incences (the ones i suggested above ) and of course the candle .
You can use as essential oils frankincense ,ginger ,cinnamon ,lemon ,orange .
You can cast the spell any other day rather than Saturday on a Waxing moon (to attract inspiration ).

Also if you are one of them practical people that need to touch something to remember that their magic is with them i would recommand that you find a stone that is flat at least at one side and fit in the palm of your hand .You can paint it using copper ,yellow or orange paint (choose whatever feels right to you ).You can paint it for example with the symbol of the thunder .As we know ideas or inspiration struck us sometimes out of blue so it is appropriate symbol .If you relate inspiration with fire you can actually draw a fire or any other symbol you think for related .Also you can mix them and draw sign for thunder into symbol of fire .While doing so visualize what is that you want .You can use varnish to perserve the drawing for longer .Write your own spell ,or player toward deity that has to do with arts and inspiration (such Rhiannon ,Oshun ,Muses and so on ).
Cast the circle and call upon the deity (if any is called ).State what is that you desire to be helped with.
Then if you use any kind on incense (burning safely in charcoal )you can pass the stone through it and if you use the candle you can pass the stone through its flame .
State what is that you are seeking and in the name of who (if that is the case ).
Then visualize either the elements bestowing their power over the stone or either the chosen deity (you can imagine it is struck by lightening or blazed in a fire ).
Once the stone is charged cover it up with clear varnish to perserve the drawing .Then either carry it around with you or either keep it in bag and take it out when inspiration is needed .You always can visualize energy coming from the stone in you :)Do not forget to thank the deity or the elements that helped you and dismiss the circle.
If you have questions let me know good luck .All i suggested is merely to give you idea of what you can do ,you should use only what feels right to you and not stick for things just because someone said so :)
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