elemental strikes

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elemental strikes
Post # 1
is there any magic spells that allow me to casts fire wind water or earth strikes.if their is plz tell me i need 2 know
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Re: elemental strikes
Post # 2
Well there are ways to Cast Fire OR Ice ........ but they need time and they are based on MEDITATION AND FOCUSING actually

look them up on this site
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Re: elemental strikes
Post # 3
thanks for the tip ill give them a go :)
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Re: elemental strikes
Post # 4
Not necessarily.

What you are looking for was vaguely given so I give you a few choices that I assure are possible solutions...

* Elemental control does not need meditation. I say that straight forward because it doesn't. People often tend to think that meditation is a necessity for spells or techniques that need concentration. Actually, meditation in itself means deep thought and or clarity. Meditation can be used to gain energy perhaps by grounding or simply building up your own energy by relaxing and digging deep in your own powerful confines of your body.

-Elemental magick like everything else in magick can be both completely simple or extraordinarily complex.
-Not all of it ''takes time and meditation''

One solution to your request may be the practice and divination through psionics. A very popular (though not the word itself) but still very popular ''art'' usually wrongly stated/called the ''kinetics''- create control elements and subelements through practice and divination at will.

This would work...

Something else could be a simple spell or summoning for an elemental being, possibly lending you any amount of their power.

Also a very possibly easy way to go.

This would work as well...

Then getting on to something I personally teach myself, astral connections.

On the astral panes nearly anything and everything pertaining to anything is possible. What is possible is only limited by what you believe is possible.

I have taught students to use the astral to connect with others and of course, use elemental strikes while there. Btw, astral sparring matches are really fun ;D...

This would work if you understood it's working...

And moving along to energy manipulation. This is taking psi and programming it with various factors to become or specific elements.

I think I've writen enough and frankly I'm tired of the subject so I end it now.

A thousand blesings your way
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Re: elemental strikes
Post # 5
Yes there are but judging by your post you lack the wisdom and
self control to use this great power wisely!!!
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