weight loss spells?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> weight loss spells?

weight loss spells?
Post # 1
I know you can't physically change your appearance but could any one please make me a spell or tell me a spell that would make people think I'm skinny or a spell to even bring on anorexia. I know that sounds pathetic.
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Re: weight loss spells?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
'a spell to bring on anorexia?'

anorexia is an eating disorder, you're too lazy to just get low self esteem and stop eating? trust me, as a person who has had family members and myself have eating disorders, it's not fun. people with eating disorders [most] know they should eat, but once they do, they feel guilty.

you could look into illusion spells, but it won't effect everyone. try a simple diet spell, coupled with a new diet [not a diet like weight watchers, i mean diet as in what you eat] just adding another 15 minutes of exorcize and slowly changing your eating habits will help you.

while i don't know you, try eating more chicken and fish [like salmon] over red meat [though you need some red meat, one serving a week imo] eat several small meals throughout the day, and if you choose to eat 3 meals, have your largest in the afternoon and your smallest in the evening, since you can't burn it off 3 hours before bed. you should also fill your plat with mostly vegetables. and while eliminating all junk food over night is impossible, cut back gradually.

it's no quick fix, but there you go.
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Re: weight loss spells?
Post # 3
Try the gym ritual , go to the gym and center yourself in front of the running machine. press the buttons to start the ritual, as the machine starts to move magicly, raise your energy and start by walking and speeding up, release your negativity while sweating, and chant "weight loss" 5 times!

repeate it for 2 full moons!

This actually works!
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Re: weight loss spells?
Post # 4
I think first you need to find a spell to let go of your negative body image and low self esteem. Then go to a doctor and find out how much, if any, weight is safe to lose. Also they'll either help you with a diet plan or refer you to a nutritionist who can.
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Re: weight loss spells?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

Why why why would you want to bring on any kind of disorder like anorexia, that is a very serious thing and even thinking like that is very dangerous and worrying.

You can find many diet spells in the "Health Spells" section, but I think what could help you more is something like a confidence spell?

Please try to get rid of the negative thoughts you seem to have about your appearance.

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Re: weight loss spells?
Post # 6
Drink lots of water, & google BPX-it's a totally natural weight loss tablet that stimulates blood sugar, adds energy, etc! Good luck! xo
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