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Some Answers.
Post # 1

This is actually a response to a mail I recieved. I thought I'd post it, to hopefully help some beginners.

These are my current views. They do change :P

Q1: Immortality in the physical sense is a fantasy of ancient origin. Personally, the idea of being tied to the physical realm for eternity sounds like a hideous nightmare. We would constantly form deep relationships, only to lose them, - constant grief. We would be isolated, we would see atrocities for ever; we would have no person to share our memories with. We'd get pretty tired!

However, I do believe that our consciousness, which in my view is who we are, is immortal. All that will change, in our eternal existance, is what it is that we are conscious of.

Q2: At this point in evolution it's not possible to grow wings. It is something that we may evolve to be able to do in the long distant future. The experience of flying is something we can enjoy in the Astral experience, or in lucid dreaming. You can read plenty on those subjets on this site and elsewhere on the internet and in books.

Q3. No spells on any site will allow you to achieve anything that defies the laws of nature. Magick is about working with what occurs in the natural world.

Q3: You can't directly change anything physical with magick, like eye color or hair growth. Magick is a spiritul and mental art which utilises subtle energies, which do not directly affect our bodies. There are plenty of more mundane ways to achieve these goals.

Q5: Magick is about working with the laws of nature. Magick cannot change the laws of nature. Science is about the laws of nature. If something is impossible in science, it is impossible in magick. Science works mainly on dis-proving in order to prove. Just because science hasn't dis-proven something yet doesn't mean it is possible. Use your logic always. Find things out for yourself. Pay attention to natural law.

Hope this clears some things up for you.

Peace ~ Lilly.

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