Binding Spells/ Rituals

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Binding Spells/ Rituals
Post # 1
Hello all. I would like to know if there is a way to undo a binding spell. A friend of mine bound herself to her boyfriend and they recently broke up and she doesn't know how to undo the binding.
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Re: Binding Spells/ Rituals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
All spells will wear out eventually, so she could just wait it out. But maybe you/she could try a cleansing ritual. And if you really want to you I'm sure you can find a good spell to break a binding on the site or Google for one.
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Re: Binding Spells/ Rituals
Post # 3

This method works for me, because I'm quite an impatient person who does't like to wait for ANYTHING. You can tell your friend to imagine a white cord being in front of her. While visualizing tell her to put all her intentions of breaking the binding between them and to just "cut" the cord. You can use a regular kitchen knife or your finger is fine. Imagination is key. Good luck!

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Re: Binding Spells/ Rituals
By: / Novice
Post # 4
*slow clap* this is why you shouldn't do binding/love spells on people. [sorry, just, your friend gave a prime example]

k, cleansing works best, i have some undo binding spells kicking around somewhere [need to remember which book they're in though] but like it was said above, visualize a white cord being cut. after, your friend should have a sea salt bath to purify herself. she doesn't need to wash, just visualize the water being white, and as she soaks in it, the white light enters her. this should take with it all the spells cast upon herself.

if that still doesn't work, and she doesn't want to just wait it out, you can always cast a spell to undo spells you have done. i'm sure there's some on the site, if not, i'll find one of mine and post it.
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Re: Binding Spells/ Rituals
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

tell her to get a picture of him and her together rip it in 2 so she is on one half and he is on the other then burn his half put hers somewhere safe

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Re: Binding Spells/ Rituals
Post # 6
I guess it's not helpful now, but just a suggestion I'm throwing out to avoid this in the future. When doing a binding, make something physical so when it's time to undo it (they always need to be undone at some point) the caster can just take it apart, undoing the spell.
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Re: Binding Spells/ Rituals
Post # 7

Hey Syra,

Hmm, before I read what type of binding spell she cast I was going to suggest unraveling the ribbon from around the picture, although that is primarily used for Binding rituals to bind harm being done. As I have not dabbled much in love binding, I would suggest to her burning Sage, writing down the spell she cast completely out on paper (and if she can remember it, the date [ and time, if she's really on her game ] of casting the spell), and just burning it while asking her Higher Spirits, Gods/Goddesses, etc. to lift the spell off of the two of them. If that does not work, then like the vast amount of Witches here would and have already said, await its completion; every spell has its endgame.

Has she considered the possibility that the spell might have already worn off due to the fact that they are broken up now? I don't see how such Magick can continue to work when there's nothing to continue if they're broken up... But then again, I do not know all of the circumstances and could just be giving false information now.

Alright, well good luck to her and God bless! :)

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