$10 for 30 minute reading

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$10 for 30 minute reading
Post # 1

Testimonials :

" I wanted to thank you for your reading. It was so clear and right on the money. The detail in which all was revealed spoke so directly and was just what I needed to hear. It has given me the confidence and the confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. I will certainly keep,you informed!" Mariann M.

"I was very impressed by the accuracy of our reading. So many things you said were spot on, confirming what I had been feelingabout myself and about my situation! It was a really well rounded, in depth reading and I would not hesitate for a moment to consult you again."Viviane B., Austria

"Thank you so much for the great advice/insights! I also had a reading done by Diane Hall, and she also mentioned staying grounded by going outdoors and quieting the mind to stay calm and centered. Everything resonated with me! You are a cool person to talk to. I learned a lot!"Nicole

"Glammie you are amazing you helped me with what I needed to know and that made my week. I now know I am in the right path in life and I feel that I will accomplish so much in life now." Jeannie, Florida

From This Great Reader:

She also has a youtube channel (with over 400 subs.)


Im just advertising for her on here , she knows that I am, since she does not have an account on here . She's a really good ,and accurate reader. If you have questions you message her (on the site,or youtube) .

Also I desighned the site so if you have questions on how to , you can messege me about that . (just mentioning so people dont email her about that. I'll help free of charge or anything I just like helping people ,and designing sites.

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Re: $10 for 30 minute reading
Post # 2


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Re: $10 for 30 minute reading
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I go around and even see a normal ten dollar reading. Now I am not sure how useful the reading will be but I normally sell mine around three dollars for personal reasons. I am not trying to ruin your business, just giving out advise that maybe it is too high of a price.

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