Star energy healing

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Star energy healing
Post # 1
Star Energy

Star energy is a form of cosmic energy, closely related to all-around well-being of humans everywhere.
Star energy influences both, the spiritual as well as the physical state, and balances both. This energy gives you wisdom to understand yourself better, more fully and to find your own inner truths.

Star energy gives you the capabilities to understand yourself as a part of the cosmos, and how You are connected to everything in it. Being spiritually and physically balanced is very important for people of modern society, but many neglect these parts of their daily lives.
Star energy-healing

As a Star energy-healer, I function as a conduit between the cosmic energy and You, the person being treated. The energy flows through my energy centers into you, relieving your stress and anxiety, and improving your well-being. When your body and mind are balanced, your life flows more easily within the cosmos, leading into an improved life all-around. Just imagine what you can do, when all your anxieties and insecurities are removed. What can you do with your life without these burdens to hinder you?

During my healing sessions over the years, I've had the chance to closely observe how the lives of people I've helped have taken drastic turns for the better. My fondest memories are of people who used to be shy and reclusive, but with proper methods of channeling the star energies, they've managed to overcome these obstacles in their lives, leading to an improved quality of life for them.

And now, I've learned of a way to help people further and further away from me. I've always used stones aligned with these energies in my healing work. I learned that large amethysts and mountain crystals enhance these powers, allowing me to channel them further and further away. More and more people have contacted me, and I feel the discovery is a way of cosmos, telling me the precise way that I can help all of them.

For this precise reason, I'm asking for donations. I want to purchase the largest mountain crystals and amethysts that I can possibly find. Unfortunately, these things are very expensive. So please, help me help You.

If you have anything to ask of me, please feel free to contact me.
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Re: Star energy healing
Post # 2
Stars are full of energy yes i know, but does different moon phases make your energy weaker/stronger. I used the sun before but i was alway cautious about the moon once i read an article on how some people go insane on some phases.
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Re: Star energy healing
Post # 3
You are correct, different phases of the moon effect different people in different ways. The strongest phase is not the same for everyone, though, and neither is the phase. For instance, for me, the strongest phase is while the moon is waxing crescent, and the weakest when it is half-full. For myself, these phases present themselves in empowering of my abilities at the strongest phase and the other way around when the moon is half-full. Some people have more radical variations, and most people can tune in to these feelings with a little help.
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