Another Honey Jar qu..

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Another Honey Jar qu..
Post # 1
Hi.. long time lurker here :)
A few weeks ago I started a honey jar to sweeten up a friend to maybe something more. I worked on the jar daily for a couple of weeks but then had a health problem that meant I've not been able to focus on it as I'd like. The guy I'm hoping to sweeten does come see me from time to time and in fact he's taken me out to lunch twice times since I started work, which I think is a good thing. Although I haven't been able to sit and meditate on the jar, I talk to it when I'm in bed, and if my friend is over, I try to conceal the jar near the place he'll sit, so it can pick up on his energy (I have no idea if this is helpful!).

Anyway, my question is, I picked some lovely, clear, runny local honey to work with. But over the past few weeks the honey has become almost solid, encasing the spellwork near the surface. Has this happened to other people? Is it a sign of something?
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Re: Another Honey Jar qu..
Post # 2

Sometimes magic makes objects do weird things. I used to have a bunch of gemstones on strings that I would wear. When I started empowering them with energy, the strings snapped the next day but would last forever if they were unpowered. Maybe since you've put so much energy into the honey jar that it's becomeing solid.

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Re: Another Honey Jar qu..
Post # 3
Hi, can you give me the honey jar spell you are using? Im looking for honey jar spells.

Thanks so much!!
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Re: Another Honey Jar qu..
Post # 4
I used one of the ones on this site but I adapted it, I like them to have some of "me" in them.
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Re: Another Honey Jar qu..
By: / Novice
Post # 5
good idea to make it personal. spells you find should be a guide, if something feels off about an item or chant, change it to suit you.

you shouldn't worry about it, honey does that, place it in some warm water and it'll go right back to normal. if you do want to interpret it as a sign, it's probably positive, since you two are hanging out more, and he's being nice to you, then it's solidifying your feelings for each other. but, myself, it's just honey being honey.

sorry to hear you're ill, try hot honey and lemon [if it's a cold] works wonders on soar throats. since you seem to think about the jar enough, it's fine, you're charging it without knowing. i keep my magic tools by my bed, and that charges them with energy.
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Re: Another Honey Jar qu..
Post # 6
hi.. thank you.. yes, I have come to think it is just honey - I have another jar from the same place which I had started using and it has also gotten solid, so I am not going to worry.. maybe I'll see it as good that despite all the things I added in, honey is still honey :)

also thank you for the reassurance over charging it, it's good to know I'm doing the right sorts of things. My problem is I have a bad back from an accident and sometimes it flares up - I'd been doing a lot of walking and standing - so it makes sitting to mediate painful. I'm ok lying down, hence taking time when I'm in bed.
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