Any suggestions on this..

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Any suggestions on this..

Any suggestions on this..
Post # 1
Today i was in my physics lab doing an experiment on simple pendulum. Suddenly my friend fell down to the ground uncounicouseely. He went down fully it took him like 5 minutes or more than it to wake up. In the lunch break i asked him about his experince about it. He said he blacked out and when he fell down he said saw small dots. He also said that his head was getting heavy. I could also feel the heaviness around the room. Any suggestions what this could be?
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Re: Any suggestions on this..
Post # 2

One possibility is that he got lightheaded (which is normal sometimes) and then you felt a bit of what he was feeling through an empathetic link.

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Re: Any suggestions on this..
Post # 3
i study magic creatures elves, faries, there is a posbilty they could have played a prank on you and your friends but that would only be true if every one in the room had a simmular feeling. Remeber they can be invisble for a long as they want. If this is the case get some iron and they wont want to be any were near you. If you want to be friends with them how ever then some milk with honey would be a good peace offering.
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Re: Any suggestions on this..
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
its called passing out there are like over 1000 diff reasons that could have caused it that have nothing to do with magic maybe he hadn't eaten enough, dehydration, not enough oxygen getting to his brain, maybe he has a brain tumor you shouldn't just assume it was magic
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Re: Any suggestions on this..
By: / Novice
Post # 5
As some others have said don't assume this is magic, infact I'd say it's almost certainly not. It may just have been that the room was too hot if you also felt faint but I'd keep an eye on your friend, if this starts happening regularly then I'd recommend a trip to the doctor. There are way over a thousand reasons why someone might pass out so without the underlying pathology it's difficult to put your finger on it exactly without being there at the time
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