forever alone

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forever alone
Post # 1
hi guys, im afraid that i will be forever alone. is there any way how could i find out if i will have someone in the future?? or could i attract some people into my life somehow? or how could i see my future? thanks
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Re: forever alone
Post # 2
Merry Meet!

Visions are probably not the most likely way to find out just so you know. Of course there's divination of all kinds also. I'll give you a list:

-Use a Pendulum
This is probably the simplest way to find your answer. It's basically asking your swinging object a yes or no question. Simple huh? But then you'll have to train your pendulum, work with it daily, use it often etc. etc. If you want the most accurate results.

This is basically looking into an object of your choice that shows your reflection and trying to find images and/or clues to what your answer may be. This is definately NoT the easiest way to find an answer to your questions. You need experience- and a lot of it!

You can always learn how to read tarot. Again lot's of practice needed.

Try attraction spells. Not love spells but attraction spells there's a difference between the two.

Simple and easy, ask your deities to give some clues

Meditate on the question, you never know, the answer could come to you.

-Just wait and see
sometimes it's better not to know what the fututre holds. If you know how you'll be, it will make you want the desired things to happen and it will constantly be on your mind and you loved one may not come to if you think about it all the time. KNow what i mean? ANyways there's my list and i hope i helped,


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Re: forever alone
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
2 words to do that moon: Love yourself. If you love yourself, you will attract your special one and many loving people in your life.
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Re: forever alone
By: / Novice
Post # 4
skrying would work. take a bowl of water, meditate and clear your mind. look into the water, but past your reflection, then think 'will i fins someone' eventually you should see things, be it symbols, or even the person.

if you're really desperate, you could try a honey jar to attract someone into your life with qualities you're looking for in a companion.
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Re: forever alone
Post # 5

You could do a attract a friend spell.

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