the other night

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the other night
Post # 1
im not crazy...(please excuese all spelling errors ) i dont hear voices but i will see movement and my kitchen cabinets open and close. when no one is down here but me the other day i would like to say yesterday morning it was pretty bad lots of banging coming from the kitchen. i got really annoyed with it because i was reading and i kept reading the same sentence over and over again. so i finnally said okay i get it you're here now please stop. would that anger whatever it is or is it just nothing?
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Re: the other night
Post # 2
It depends on if it wants acknowledgment or not. Your likely fine.
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Re: the other night
By: / Novice
Post # 3
probably not. i speak to Rori like this a lot when he's being bothersome because he just wants attention, or he's trying to scare me for fun. if that's all it's doing, it probably wants attention. it could also just be having fun, like a kid making noise then it's mother tells it to stop, so it could be a little upset, but not angry. try talking with it. if you can't hear it, but it can move things, you could ask it to shut the cupboard doors once for yes, two for no. ask if it's mad, if there's something it wants, stuff like that. you can try befriending it, it just sounds like a being that's not harmful.

if you've never spoken to the spirit before and out of nowhere cursed it out, then it's a problem. from what i see, you're fine. to be on the safe side, made a protective charm for yourself and anyone else in the house, and leave a little something for the spirit as a 'sorry for yelling' normally i burn incense Rori likes, if you don't know what the spirit [assuming] likes, try a small dish of honey or something.
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