meditation goals?

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Forums -> General Info -> meditation goals?

meditation goals?
Post # 1
ok, im a newbie.. You must start to basic, thats what practitionerz said.
And recommend me do meditation, there alot of articles on how todo meditation, but
newbie, i really doesnt know what is the goal of meditations, how it works,and how it affect a person lifestyle. Or what is the effect to a person..

Be specific as much as possible :)
make it simple ^^

I thank you, best regards
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Re: meditation goals?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Wise decision to start off with meditation! True, there are many different kinds of meditation out there, so pick up the one you feel most comfortable with. How to do that? Experiment different types of meditation and see what works best for you. Regarding the goals of meditation, now that's a good question. In my point of new, the main goal is to observe yourself, your body, your mind, your thoughts. Do not try to control your thoughts or refrain from "thinking" because that's hard to do if not impossible!Just go with the flow and observe yourself fully. Truly commit yourself to it. I started off with meditation many years ago but I still meditate every day to this day. It's something that can totally enrich your life but you got to commit yourself to it. How it affects a person lifestyle? Now that is a good question also. Meditation helps with concentration, it helps you focus. It also helps you look within. It's great for your health because it's stress-relieving among other things. Go for it!
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Re: meditation goals?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
even when you sleep, your mind is still working, with meditation, you're trying to clear your mind of all thoughts in an attempt to let it 'sleep'. since life is really busy, we need time to relax and unwind and meditation brings that. studies have shown people who meditate are more alert, focused, and calm. while we meditate, we open our 'mind' and we begin to see things clearly, since our subconscious catches more than we often catch on, we see visions of events, or answers to tough problems. we also listen to our bodies while we meditate, so you might be able to pick up on little things. as we meditate, and turn our brain off, going deeper into meditation, our spirit begins to take over, and we can connect with the universe.

here's a link: the site lists 100 reasons why meditation is beneficial to a person. hope this helps ^_^
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