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Graveyard Spell
Post # 1
Since going to the graveyard at midnight can sometimes violate the law, depending on your situation its OK to go to the graveyard at midnight. This spell can also be worked at day but I prefer midnight because i love the night, but nighttime may not not work for everybody at night like I just said.

For this spell you might want to wear a a symbol of protection just in case like a pentacle, or maybe you can draw one if you can. And you should also have a offering that your loved one will want, it can be anything they loved from when there were living. Like say if it was coca cola they drank all the time, you might bring a can.

This spell should only be used for getting answers you seek from the deceased.And yes this is necromancy. Before entering the graveyard knock three times and ask the spirits of the dead to open the way to the other realms. And remember to exit out the graveyard walking backwards to keep unwelcome spirits out.

Place the offering on the grave with respect and love and say-

I give you (Name Here), this offering to honor your contribution to my life. May your energy continue to shine down on all those who knew and loved you. Please come forth and provide the answers I seek! Blessing of Gratitude!

Now lie down to the grave with you head closest to the tombstone or grave mark, close your eyes and relax into a visionary state.
Feel the death current and the sense of the spirits around the graveyard around you. Stay like that with your eyes closed until you see visions, hear voices, smell scents, until you hear the mere whisper of the spirit come towards you and answers your question.

When its done leave a last word of thanks and leave the graveyard walking backwards!

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Re: Graveyard Spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Graveyard Spell
Post # 3
In the Russian Black Arts is like a ritual, "Pick up magical power of a dead sorcerer." in this ritual, too, need to go to the grave of a dead magician and sleep until morning. before the ritual should be ordered for a funeral in the church (as if you're dead) - the funeral prayer. This connects with the world of the dead. but the field will have a little ritual takgo cheer. as much sucking power Cemetery
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Re: Graveyard Spell
Post # 4
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