Ferret w/ adrenal disease

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Ferret w/ adrenal disease

Ferret w/ adrenal disease
Post # 1
Hey, y'all.
I have a very close friend whose ferret is suffering from adrenal disease. She just found out that little Ricky (the ferret) has it. It's in its early stages, so he is quite possibly going to have surgery to fix it - although she doesn't have the money to pay for it. She's trying to get help from friends and family and such, though.
Anyways, I tried looking online for a spell to help heal ferrets of adrenal disease, or at least help it. I couldn't find anything, sadly.
I was wondering if any of you have come across anything, or could come up with something.
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Re: Ferret w/ adrenal disease
Post # 2
For the money, you can do a money spell, make sure to ask for a specific amount and even though I'm not Wiccan I recommend including "harm none" in money spells because you don't want it to come from an insurance payout or inheritance.
As for healing, look up healing spells and techniques, Im sure they can heal animals just as well as humans. Click the spells tab and search it. There's lots of things you can try.
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Re: Ferret w/ adrenal disease
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I am very sad to hear this. Unfortunately, adrenal disease is surprisingly common in ferrets. I work at an urban veterinary clinic and I cannot tell you how many times we see ferrets (of all ages) come in at varying stages. Do you know which form of adrenal disease Ricky has? (Malignant tumor, benign tumors, hyperplasia). Do you know how old he is?

Generally the vet has two ways of approaching this. One is obviously the surgical route. This might involve taking one of the glands, then taking the other 1-2 months later after the ferrets body has had time to start producing hormones on its own. This is the most encouraged route simply because it is honestly the most successful. Over 90% of ferrets who have this done never see a reoccurrence of adrenal issues, and are healthy as soon as they heal. A rough estimate I saw said over 80% of the time the ferret can be cured just be having the left adrenal gland removed.

The other option is medication. I think currently the most commonly used medication to treat this issue is Lysodren. If the vet administers this, and it works, there will be no need for surgery. This effectively destroys some of the adrenal tissue and promotes healthy new growth. However, this medication will be something the ferret will need for the rest of its life- and so expense wise it will be roughly about the same. There's also the chance this medication will not work for some animals. So it's a good idea to discuss both options heartily with the primary vet.

Either way, it does look like funds for this will be high. Ferrets are expensive pets, and taking care of a life-threatening issue such as this is expensive. However, talk to the vet about this! Most vets are very understanding about realistic costs to their clients, and can come up with affordable plans so that the client doesn't have to pay all at once.

Best of luck to little Ricky!

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Re: Ferret w/ adrenal disease
Post # 4
Ricky has a tumor, but, as of now, it we don't know whether it is malignant or benign. Ricky is 6 years old, pretty old for a ferret.
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Re: Ferret w/ adrenal disease
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

If he is that old, you may want to go the medication route. It's less invasive than the surgery, and since he is old you would not need to use it as long as you would for a younger ferret.

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