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Trance intro
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Trance is a method of self induced hypnosis. It is completely harmless. The worst thing that can happen during it is to wake up and dont remember the messages and images and signs you recieved. The only thing that you need to be cautious while in trance is that you can get influenced easier by anything you hear wether it is spritual or an actual sound but not at a degree to do something really out of character cause even in trance you still remain your own person. Thats why casting a circle, to keep away spiritual entites that could influence you in a non wanted way, around the place that you will put yourself into trance would be for the best.

The are many levels of consciousness. While astral projecting we are in a diferent level of consciousness from when we are awake. Trance helps you getting into the level of consciousness your mind is in while sleeping. Skilled practicioners of trance methods can slip in the level of trance consciousness in a really small amount of time. And it always depend on the person and his devotion to achieve this.

What are the benefits of doing so?
Our subconscious mind while dreaming is more open and aware of messages and images and signs than when we are awake. Since trance is a hypnosis method it gives you the same awareness only at will. In dreams while you are asleep you can receive messages of your gods or your guides and spiritual familiars easier than when you are awake exactly cause of how open you are at receiving them.

Many people believe that they receive messages while awake and many do so while though others are simply not grounded well and centered and what they receive are messages their mind created, cause it is in charge while being awake, and cause of some daydreaming. So you need to be balanced well for this practise.

After returning from trance someone must be really careful as to not put personal ideas in to the messages we received. Usually it is more common to remember images and feelings than actual words when returning from trance like sometimes when astral projecting but that depends on the person too.

What does trance do is connecting you better with your subconscious mind and your higher self which you will realise yourself too after some tries cause our intuition works through the connection with our higher self. The stronger someones intuition is the more connect and alert of his higher self is.

Well i will now say a way someone can start practising to get into trance cause it might not work at first like astral projecting it needs time and devotion cause everyone is diferent and for many will be easier than others but everyone can do this. There are a lot of ways to get into trance and my favourite method is through dancing but i will say a way closer to meditation in a way someone could say cause it is a way everyone can use cause every practicioner knows how to meditate and if someone doesnt then trance isnt for him/her.

1. You need to be in a comfortable position. I advice on using the same position while you meditate.

2. Focus on your breathing and relax your entire body. No muscle of your body should be stressed everyhting including your facial muscles needs to be completely relaxed. Take your time to achieve this.

3. At this point you can start visualising. You can either start visualising being at an open feild for example or anywhere that gives you a positive vibe. Some just skip this part.

4. The important thing is the descending. Remember this is still a hypnosis way. So wether you visualise being in the field first or not you NEED to visualise descending from somewhere. It can be a ladder or stairs or climbing down a rope or anything you wish as long as you are going down. Why down? Cause you need to put your mind in a lower level of conscioussness as we said above and through visualising that you are descending is a way to put yourself into one.

5. Some just descend stairs slowly till they reach the point the desire deep into their subconscious mind. Others though need something more effective than just descending stairs. So when for example you are climbing down a ladder or a rope you need to let yourself fall. Fall down completely till you reach the level you want.

6. While being in trance you can let your mind create the scenery and dont force anything. You will be suprised by how much detailed the subconscious mind is. You can stay there as long as you want and do whatever pleases you and you can even summon/call your guides, gods, familiars or anything you wish to be in contact with.

7. for returning back into consciousness you just need to use the way you got there by climbing up the rope/ladder/stairs and while doing so visualise your self waking up and order him to do so. If for a reason you cant do that dont get panicked cause you will just eventually fall asleep and wake up like you took a nap or something. Like i have said there is no danger in trance.

8. Write down your experience immediately while returning cause you dont want to forget it. Keep a journal.

CAUTIOUS. when being in trance make sure you wont be stratled awake or from a sound as a cellphone cause traveling so fast from the subconscious level of the mind to the awake one can cause a headache it has happened to me so i warn. So if you are in a house with your family practise this while evryone is asleep.

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Re: Trance intro
Post # 2
Nice post, very informative and organised. Thanks.
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Re: Trance intro
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Very nice and well explained post Gray, i liked how you mentioned what is right and wrong when doing this also the benifits :)

Well done in my opinion!

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Re: Trance intro
Post # 4
Very nice, This is very helpful.
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Re: Trance intro
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

I really enjoyed this thread, Soul. And I think others will find it helpful. Kudos.

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Re: Trance intro
By: / Novice
Post # 6
thanks a lot for the replies i am glad i could help.
may you all find luck and love in your path
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