A beginner's ConjureSpell

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A beginner's ConjureSpell
Post # 1
I am new to magick and spells and I have never done one before . I am thinking about doing a conjure spell to call a friendly spirit . Is it good idea to begin with conjuring a friendly spirit? If yes how?
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Re: A beginner's ConjureSpell
Post # 2

If you have never done a spell before then conjuring a spirit you will probally not give you any success. In magic things are like gambling. The more resources that you have means the higher success rate. Since are completly new to spellcasting you probally don't have that many resources at your disposal yet.

I would reccomend trying protection spells first because those are something you will always have a use for.

However, if you would like to continue with conjuring a friendly spirit, then I would first highly recommend that you research:

  • Protective Spells
  • Casting A Circle
  • The Protective Properties Of Herbs & Stones
  • Protective Charms
  • Different Meathods Of pirit Communication

I suggest all of these protective measures because even if you intend to conjure a friendly spirit you could accidentaly conjure a very nasty one which without the right protection would not be good.

Again, due to what you've told me I suggest that you don't try this type of spell because I feel you are not ready. However, the choice is always yours to make and if you feel that you are ready for this then do what you wish. You know more about yourself than I do.

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Re: A beginner's ConjureSpell
Post # 3

A person who is new should not do spells unless he/she has learned the basics of magic. Grounding, meditation, etc. You should study. Most teens on here are lazy on that, and they think they know everything about magic. They do not. Before doing a spell study the main foundations of magic.

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Re: A beginner's ConjureSpell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Learn basics first as You were suggested. Which may differ depending on tradition, though energy work ( ground , center, raise, release and so on ) is a brilliant advice to learn first.
Then learn about different traditions, chose one and than go on.
Even If begginer You could invite any of many helpful spirits to aid and protect You

It can be as simple as lighting a blue candle, dressed with "Spirit guide " ( from top to bottomd , or middle to ends ) type of oil, and place it on a saucer, with some Althaea around the candle 's base . Place a glass of pure water next to candle, which You will change each day. Burn candle each day and pettition any ( or desired ) spirit to aid You in Your learning and wor k :)

Carry Aqamarine , or Holley stone

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