Facing fear spell?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Facing fear spell?
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Facing fear spell?
Post # 1
Greetings everyone,

I have a REALLY big phobia/fear of something (not saying what it is..) and I was wondering if there were any spells to help face that fear or get rid of it. It would really help because soon i have to face my fear but i cant it will probably give me a heartattack!

Re: Facing fear spell?
Post # 2
A spell would help your phobia? There are other ways to face your phobia. A spell won't simply help. Spells are somthing not to take avantage from. Spells won't work on everything. You have to use logic while doing a spell. Sure there might be a spell that might help you calm a little but it won't cure your phobia. That's somthing mentally.

Re: Facing fear spell?
Post # 3
This is off the top of my mind and but It could help.

Envision the fear in your body/mind as black evil looking energy. Now envision a energy (what ever color makes you feel strongest and safest) start to spread from your heart. Have it push the black energy away from your mind and body.

Do this when every this fear starts to come up. It could help.

Re: Facing fear spell?
Post # 4
Agree, agree. You could also try binding or banishing your phobia. It won't completely go away instantly, but it could help you work towards getting over it. Do some research into how people get over phobias, because if it's a true phobia, you will have to work at it.

Re: Facing fear spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Well in my practice you have to face fear and get over it and although it's not a cure what helped me was simply meditatin on them. I didn't need any visualisation methods exactly I just thought of them whilst meditating and reflected upon them, I found that thinking about my phobias while calm was at first difficult but became easier with practice. Once I was calm thinking about the phobia I attempted to actually expose myself to it (ie if it's arachnophobia approach a spider) and found that it was really quite easy. I dot know if it'll work for everyone but that's how I did it, hope that helps.

Re: Facing fear spell?
Post # 6
thanks everyone! :)

My Idea
Post # 7
You could see a doctor that helps with phobias, or maybe you'd prefer to cast this: (I just came up with this so it may not work but we won't know until we try!)

Gods and goddesses, far and near,
Banish my _____ phobia away from here

Now imagine a shield of blue or indigo protecting your mind from the fear :)

Hmm...I should put this spell in my Book of Shadows, it may help with any fears I develop.

Re: Facing fear spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
This post was from August 10, 2012.

And by the looks of it the original poster has not been no active since 2014

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