good creatures?

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good creatures?
Post # 1
What are a few good creatures to have around the house like fae, sprites, gnomes, etc.? And what would be a good way to attract them? Any answer is fine as long as it's not saying that certain "creatures" aren't real.

Anything's possible.
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Re: good creatures?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: good creatures?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

In my tradition and practice, we believe that there are certain wights such as the house and land vaettir, which are spirits of these places.

Traditionally, if you want to attract wights to your house and land there are some ways to go about this: Set up a tiny shrine or altar. Leave shiny things on the altar/shrine, leave items that have personal meaning to you, leave it food offerings, even wine or mead, burn candles there. This is thought to attract house vaettir. To attract land vaettir: start a garden, plant lots of trees and plant-like around your property, set up "sacred areas" dedicated to the vaettir where you leave offerings, or have a ritual fire, and burn offerings in this fire. Many Heathens who work with wights talk outloud to them.

Some info on them if you're interested:

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Re: good creatures?
Post # 4
Gnomes and Fairies in my cultural and traditions are meant to be troublsome. If I can't find somthing or I knew that somthing is hidden that would usually be a fairy doing it. My mother had always told me that. Spirits, it depends. A gargoyle would be good, it is used in churches to keep demons and bad energy away. You can attract gnomes and fairies by simply leaving them offerings sutch as candy etc. giving them sweets..... pray to them and invoke them.
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