The making of Psi Ball.

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Forums -> General Info -> The making of Psi Ball.

The making of Psi Ball.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Okay guys, my previous article was about Psychic Vampires and Shield Breaking.
This one will be about Psi balls, and how to make them , and different ways of making them.

Okay , first a big Thanks to Vanitys_Fire for some of the information here on the article! :)

Things to know:
Drawing energy you will need energy to make psiballs. Energy comes from many sources, including the sun, moon, earth, nature, water, wind, storms, fire, emotions, and movement. People carry energy with them at all times. However this energy can become drained after some practice of making psiballs.

Because of this having other energy sources to draw from can help you avoid getting too tired.first find a source to take energy from in order for your practice of making a psi ball.

The energy surrounds and fills you, raising your energy to a much stronger level. If you begin to feel lightheaded, imagine a connection into the ground to let go of the excess energy. Lightheadedness usually means that you have too much energy and need to let some of it go back into the earth, like grounding!
As you draw energy, take only what feels appropriate.

Don't force it; just gently draw the energy. Forcing it will only make it more difficult to get the right amount of energy. Shaping energy as you draw energy, direct it outward through your hands. Cup your hands as if you were holding a baseball
OR a ball of cookie dough, with one hand below it and one above it.

Now, Start by feeling your energy flowing through your body. Feeling it flow. Discern how it feels whether it feels hot, cold, heavy, light, compact, free-flowing, etc. It may help you if you were to meditate as you do so. It could help you further if you were t visualize your energy.

If you have difficulty creating a strong enough psiball to feel, try drawing more energy and adding that energy to it. It may take practice to make a strong enough psiball to physically "see", but you should be able to feel it fairly quickly. Do not worry if you only feel it, and can not see it; that is normal. You may feel a lot of heat between your hands or even cold; this means you have drawn energy through them properly.

Another way of this is to :

What you're going to do here is to make little balls of energy and then send it to whatever you want. You can send it to yourself, a friend, to achieve a goal, etc. Rub your hands together for about 15 seconds. This is supposed to stimulate the hand chakras. Now cup your hands together.

Start to visualize energy coming to your hands and building up in the shape of a ball. It can be any colour you want (certain colours work best for different things) but for beginners it's usually easiest to visualize white light. Just see the energy coming from the air around you, and slowly building up, becoming a ball of pure energy. After a while, my hands usually start to tingle, or you may be able to see the ball. Try to do it until you feel your hands tingle. It might take a few times, but if you keep it up, you'll probably start to feel it after a while.

Once you have the ball to the size you want it at, throw it with a physical movement of your hands and visualize it going where you want it. You can simply visualize it if you want (without moving your hands as if you are throwing it) but the physical action will probably make it more powerful and finalized. You can send it off to anything you want, or you can keep it a while and play with it.

Another way is:

Hold your hands together cuffed; close but not touching. Send your energy to your hands. Let it gather there. From there push out your energy into the space between your hands. Have it build up into a ball that you expand and compress. To expand you continue pushing energy into the psi ball causing it to grow and expand; which in turn pushes your hands farther apart. To compress you, simply, push your hands closer together. While doing so you will feel the energy pressuring like it's trying to keep you from pushing your hands together. It's not trying to stop you. That's just how it feels when you compress the energy making it denser. It can even get to feeling heavier.

So?! You can make psi balls big,small, any shape you want, colder, warmer, and so on.

Starting from here, after getting better and having success with your psi balls making, you may start off to energy manipulations.

You can direct the psi ball where ever you want, it can be strong, weak. up to you. and your energy you are using and the amount of it ,

I assume that will be it, about psi balls. hope you guys liked it.


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Re: The making of Psi Ball.
Post # 2
Great post, Hydra. A lot of good information and i for one know that it has helped me :) Supposedly you can even through psi balls AT people so that they physically fall over, stumble etc. Is this true? Also, is it possible to send messages to people via psi balls? And (yes another question) can you send someone. Who is tired this ball of energy to help them get through the day? Or wohld that not be a good idea? Sorry, in think that they are all the questions :S

Bright Blessings
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Re: The making of Psi Ball.
Post # 3

What have been promting you to write articles recently Hydra?

Anyway , I would reccommend that you immortalize the article by making a actual coven article. Then , it won't be one day buried deep in the pages :)

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Re: The making of Psi Ball.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Yes, willow you can send to person energy to keep them going trough the day, not just psi ball,
and thanks for the advice , Dark.
i assume i will post all my articles trough the coven.
Willow- "hitting" someone will psi ball is mrelike toknow how to program your energy and where to.
but not exactly, the person can't really "fall down" hmm..
you can send energy to the person you wish, and make him have a headache or those such things, on the other hand, energy can effects differently on each person.

but it also depends on how you want it to effects,
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Re: The making of Psi Ball.
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
And to you dark..
i do not really know the reason for me starting doing these articles
i assume i wanted to help to those who still do not know these things, or at least need any tips.

and plus to share some of my experience.

i also love when people leave comments with more information that can be useful.

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Re: The making of Psi Ball.
By: / Novice
Post # 6
You know I have been thinking about the uses of psi balls. If I were to form a psi ball from my own energy and direct it at some one else so that they benefit from the energy without them knowing where it came from, its in essence not much difference then how some eastern healers work with transfering their own positive energy from themselves into a patient.
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