Love spell needed

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Forums -> General Info -> Love spell needed

Love spell needed
Post # 1
I am in need of a love spell, Someone please help. I'm willing to pay.
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Re: Love spell needed
Post # 2

You're not in need of anything, but things to survive (food, water). I would suggest a little love chant created by yourself. Spells work better when created by yourself.

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Re: Love spell needed
Post # 3
Love spells work best at waxing moon and full moon
you can try getting a pink or red candle , carve her name on it, and carve your intention, like:

(Name of the person)
love me
be with me

And on the back side, write your name, and between the name you can carve a heart shape.

if you have annoiting oils like "Come to me" Or "Love me" it might empower the spell, but you can do this without the oils.

before lighting the candle, meditate, clean your head from any thoughts for a few minutes, take your time until you are ready,
ground yourself, remove any negativity from yourself, then think positivly and lovingly on the one who you want to cast the spell , visualize herhim in your mind and imagine seeing you together and loving each other, do this with heart, and light the candle, now take more time to concentrate again when the candle is lit, have will and trust your spell to manifest, don't be skeptic, belive in your spell, and it should work if it's meant to be!

while the candle is burning you can say what is your intention, use your own words, and release energy from your body, imagine a white flow of light comes from your head, into your heart, turning red and flow like a river out of your palms into the universe! do this with feelings and will, and let the candle burn out.

you can shorten the candle that you will have a burning for an hour or so... let it burn out completly, and when it's done, make a final wish and release more energy to the universe and say "may it be, spell is done" :)

you can also look for other love spells in the "Spells" section

good luck! don't forget to do this at night on a waxing moon, or full moon for best results.
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Re: Love spell needed
Post # 4
Pay? Would you pay if I told you tommorow was gonna rain? Would you pay if I told you your gonna win the lottery?


I suggest you DO MORE REASEARCH before getting your hands messy on stuff you do not know about.

Study and Read. Beacuse if a spell doesn't work, dissapointment would come and thats were you stop beliving.
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Re: Love spell needed
Post # 5
Very Helpful, i think ill try this when the time comes ^_^
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