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Need Help
Post # 1
So I have done an experiment with spirits. I have always thought my house maybe haunted. So I tried to command the spirit to show itself. And something weird happened. All of a sudden I felt this strange energy that was all around me. It felt like a veil of some kind. I think I might have sensed the veil that separates life and death. It had what felt like death energy but it also felt mixed with life energy. And that is something I have NEVER felt before. I know my house isn't haunted now but I am curious to get to the bottom of this. I think I might be a shaman or medium or necromancer but not sure. I don't know what to make of this. So please help.
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Re: Need Help
Post # 2
Jeeze 45 views and not a single bit of help. Thanks guys. You must be busy posting on other crap post about vampires than to help someone who really needs.
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Re: Need Help
Post # 3
Well I read your post but I'm not really sure how to help, still pretty new to this but maybe try meditating and concentrating on it???
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Re: Need Help
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Ok, I grant you that this deserves more attention than a lot of the ranting about fluff going on around here and I understand that you wanted to draw more attention to your thread but try to be a little more understanding. This isn't a question that everyone can necessarily answer so it takes time for someone who can to stumble across it and answer.

First thing I'd say is that if you're going to try spirit work you need to understand them. You mentioned that you "commanded" the spirit to show itself. I do a lot of spirit work and I never command anything of the spirits, I ask them. Think about it in terms of yourself, if someone came up to you in the street and just shouted at you "Come talk to me!" Would you respond positively? On the other hand if they asked "Do you have a few moments to talk to me?" You might be more inclined to do so provided you were in the mood. With any spiritual work it's better to approach it with a gentle hand (excluding banishing or binding but they're not strictly necessary unless you mess up, just highly recommended skills). That's the second point, make sure you at least know a banishing ritual before beginning spirit work and always perform it after wards even if everything appeared to go well, if possible also do one before hand but if you're checking for a haunting that's obviously not possible.
Sorry for that mini lecture there, if you knew those things I apologize but it'll still serve to help others.

Now unfortunately I can't say whether it was the veil between life or death or not as I don't know the exact feeling you sensed but I can help you test it. If it felt like death energy then you obviously have some experience working with it so I won't waste much time on describing that. Personally I normally sense the veil best outside and by water but then I suspect that's largely because I just feel more peaceful there. So if you want to sense for the veil then I recommend meditating at the time. Perform a banishing ritual such as the LBRP and simply begin. It helps if you know how to astral project too although you can simply sense its presence. I find the veil itself is difficult to see at the best of times as its contents is largely expressed as the will of the castor I typically see it as a hazy image until I actually step through it. Regardless of the image though you will sense the death energy in it. If it help then you may need to find somewhere you feel at peace and actively seek out the veil just so you get a sense of what you're looking for.

If it is the veil though then I wouldn't rule out a haunting offhandedly. Spirits are often found near areas where the veil is thinner and I'd recommend doing some quick banishing and smudging white sage just to help keep them out.
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Re: Need Help
Post # 5
Thanks Yukov (sorry if I spelled it wrong). And your right. I wouldn't react positive. You have given me some stuff to think about.
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Re: Need Help
Post # 6
I think that cleansing the house with burning sage would be the quickest step.
As far as a veil goes, spirits are seen in weaker points. Kids and elderly are supposed to have weaker points, or sparation between worlds. I believe that pagans (with all different types) being spiritual are always going to have a closer point to the spirit world.
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