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Everything Of Meditations
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
My last article was about Herbs that are easy to get or those that you already have at home & their use in magic

This one will be about... Meditation!

Ok,so..what is meditation basically?:

Meditation is a three step process that leads to a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and bliss. As depicted in the first illustration, our "normal" state of mind is actually quite abnormal. We receive sensory stimuli and react in a completely uncontrolled way (although we tell ourselves we have great control).
We just bounce all the time from one thought to another and follow with our emotional and physical reactions. The same thought can bring about diametrically opposite reactions at different times.

There are of course a few types of meditations , some for relaxing, some for chakra opening which for every chakra the way of meditaion is slightly different, and so on.
If over doing meditation it only might bring you to a thing called "Astral Projecion" yes, but if doing it for too long, as when doing Astral Projection , your body starts to "Vibrate" and so.

Meditation in other words, is good. even in every day in life
you become calm and relaxed,andyou're day is going much better,
when discussing about the magic area, after meditations for example when doing rituals or casting spells, your focus will be better on what you intent to do and so.

A good meditation doesn't takes time,it doesn't needs to be said for how long to do it.. I believe you do it UNTIL you feel you had enough, and to stop.

Yes people, meditation is good, but it is hard,may sound and seem easy,but clearing your mind from any thought is kinda tricky. haha but with time and experience it comes faster and easier! it's worth it to try and learn.

How do you meditate?: simple.

To start, you would relax your body, sit in a comfortable position, and just try and clear your mind, yeah, tricky iknow, since before we think something, another thought comes away well, try this at your first time around 10-15 minutes .

You need to do it every day, the best timein my idea is right early in the morning :)
But you may do it at any time.

Hope i helped.

Leave a comment if you wish to let me know what you think of the article,

Thanks guys

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Re: Everything Of Meditations
Post # 2

Something i would like to add about the ''clearing your mind''

I dont know if this works for most,but this one method works for me the best.

When meditating,you should focuse on your breathing,feeling and hearing the air going in and out.

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Re: Everything Of Meditations
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Yes, Thank you for adding this.

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