Love Knot Spell And Oils

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Love Knot Spell And Oils
Post # 1
I want to talk about this spell

well, tonight was the full moon, and I made this knot spell on my love one, I followed the instructions, and took a pink yarn instead of red, i want to ask a few questions about it

1.) in knot magic, how much time does it take for the magic to start it's course?

2.) does it really matter that i used pink yarn? i also have a red cord but i think it's synthetic... so i can't use it for magic as far as i know...

3.) I wear it on my wrist, when i take a shower i should take it off, as far as i know, I should always carry it with me, so does it matter if i put it aside for 30 minutes and then wear it again?

4.) I have a weird feeling when I put it on, it makes me miss her , how can you explain it? I've concentrated on my intentions about her, not about me :)) so.. can you share your thoughts about it?

And I have a few more questions about annoiting oils
i've ordered 3 oils:

a.) come to me oil
b.) love me oil
c.) john the conqueror oil

can you please share your experience with those oils and explain how should i use them as best spell ?

Thank you!
please tell me what you know :)

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Re: Love Knot Spell And Oils
Post # 2
Come to me is a powerful oil that can be use in attracting all this base on one desire, you can use it many ways, I like to dress my candles with it and dab a little on base on my intention, I find that it works fast.
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Re: Love Knot Spell And Oils
Post # 3
This seems to be a good spell. I will try it sometime too.
Im also wondering, where do you get these useful oils?
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Re: Love Knot Spell And Oils
Post # 4
Annoiting oils can be found on this site store, or just search the internet.

well, can you please share methods of candle spells to make my lover to come to me, or love me, or just have lust for me with this oils?

please tell me what to chant when i'm burning candles with oils, thank you!

and if you can reply to the topic questions, i'll be happy!

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Re: Love Knot Spell And Oils
Post # 5
I have a very importent question! please answer as fast as you can

which of this oils that i've mentioned above, can i put anywhere, like on the pillow, or on her a bit, so that she will have lust for me ? she told me that she'll come tommorow so please share your ideas!

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Re: Love Knot Spell And Oils
Post # 6
Back from the post office :)))))))))))))
got the oils...
OMG, I've smelled the Come to me oil, and what a feeling!!!
It's soooo attractive, I'm shocked.
Just smelling it gave me an irresistible feeling, and made me inlove with it, OMG....... :D

I'm definitely gonna dub myself and my love with it... I'll tell u later what happend :D
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Re: Love Knot Spell And Oils
Post # 7
So, I took the Come To Me Oil with me, and went to see my love, I've dressed myself with a good amount of Come To Me Oil :) my forehead, my chest, my shirt, my shoulders, my face, my palms, and finally my LIPS, when we met I gave her a hug, and a KISS on the cheek smearing it on her face
she said "aww you're sweating!" :D I said, it's not sweat, it's my new aftershave :D
before I hugged her, i had a good amount of oil on my hands, and when i hugged her i also smeared it on her back and shoulders...

So, we talked for an hour, and a few more people from her work also came by a hour later, and she seems to feel something, I know she smelled it, when we said goodbye, she asked me if my shirt just came out of the laundry, I said, it's a new shirt, it smells like a new shirt maybe :), so I know she got the scent.

anyway, she said I am cute, and that I can come visit her at work sometimes, but not too much... just to mention that we had a big fight 2 months ago, and we seperated... But she knows i want her back, but yet, she needs time to think about it...

Do you have any experience with Come To Me Oil? I did not chant anything, would I chant?

Any Comments! Don't be shy :)
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Re: Love Knot Spell And Oils
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
I need to know the best way to use the "Come to me oil" without subverting someones will. I know she still has feelings for me (she has hinted to it, subtly but not so subtly that it would be missed), but she insists on working things out with the guy who hurt her three times, twice in the exact same way. She has been in contact with one of his exes and she said that is what she went through. She told me her feelings for him seem to be gone, but she still wants to see where things go. I just want to enhance those feelings she already has for me. I love her with all my heart, and it hurt to see her cry, all the times he hurt her. I have tried to not use anything tied to magick, but now I'm desperate, I don't want to see her hurt again, and she has admitted that she knows that we could work things out and be happy together, but after she sees him she forgets all that. I just want to know how I can use this oil to win her back without going against her free will
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