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Post # 1
Hey, I'm new to magick and I have heard so many people refer to the "basics"could you please explain what these are?And any good spells that you know work that I could start with?
Thanks in advance:)
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Re: Basics?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
very basics i believe they refer to charging and grounding. energy is what makes spells work, and while there is some energy in our body, we need to draw energy in from the universe, focus it into our spell, and then release the left over energy back into the earth.

there are many methods, a basic one is while meditating, visualize and feel white light entering your body. when you are grounding, feel it leaving, visualize it going into the ground. if you're in a house, see it drip through the floor and through the foundation back into the earth.

basic spells, i always believe it's candle magic. as you go on you can add to it, but very simply you take a candle that's the same colour as the spell you want [green = wealth pink = love white = peace] charge it, and light the candle. while it burns, visualize your intent. let it burn out or snuff it out, never blow out the candle because it will undo the spell and 'blow it away'. when you're done you can throw out the candle, bury the candle, or melt it down to make a new one.

there's plenty of articles here for you to read into, just check it out [top of the page, third tab, Articles] blessed be, and good luck to you.
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Re: Basics?
Post # 3
I've got this spell to work more then once
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Re: Basics?
Post # 4
The basics:

-Meditation,purpose of it is to fill your body with the energies of the universe.
Watch this small meditation guide video and you will know.

-Chakras,now most will say that this isnt actually the basics and their right,but what you should learn about chakras is the Third-eye meditation which is the Psychic channel that will improve your energy workings.

-Grounding and Centering is also one of the basics(not for me).

-Shielding,also one of the basics of energy wroking.

-Energy ball/Psi ball is also a basic in energy working.

-Circle casting is also one of the basics.

-The Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram,is one of the basics in my opinion,but its not a must.

-Visualization,some will say this is also one of the basics,but im one to disagree on the fact,since we can already visualize/imagine,but then again its more of a personal liking.

-Magic 101,simply gathering imformation about Moon phases,Magical Tools,Magic Circles,Elements,Candles,Days,Colors and etc.

These are all the basics i can gather and know off,after you have completed the basics(most of them) you can then move on to choosing your path in Magic.
Like for instance,do you wanna become a Wiccan,Pagan,Shaman,Druid,Necromancer and so on.
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