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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Fear

Post # 1
one of the things that has been affecting me and probably many other people.
Fear of evil entities, demons etc

Can you get hurt projecting or not be able to come back?
what are someways to remove fear from your life?
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Re: Fear
Post # 2
my dear, fear is in the heart, and only you can affect it.
I, personally, chant to the Goddess every morning - because it makes me calm, and helps me cobe with the day. (sorry if I don't make sense, I'm not english)

But maybe you can chant? Or use a spell, useally it's considered dark magick, but if you want to, I can send you my spell?

blessed be

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Re: Fear
Post # 3
The demon-phobia (fear of demons)

Demonofobiya - irrational fear of evil demons, ghosts, vampires, monsters and other evil spirits, which does not leave a man, even in daylight. Sufferers often demonofobiey realize that their fears have no basis, but, nevertheless, any mention of the demons of any kind makes them panic. They are afraid to go alone in the woods, left alone at home, or sleep without a light. Such people can not even look at without a shudder of horror poster advertising, and how to watch it, and no speech.
If you do not have real encounters with demons. You do not worry. do not come to you at night or during sleep. a psychological problem. this helps the psychologist or psychiatrist to cope
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Re: Fear
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
The best way to overcome a fear is to confront the fear it self.
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Re: Fear
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Scarecrow overcame all his fears [cept for his almost sexual need to seek out Batman] but he was exposed to his fear inducing toxins too much and it was a side effect. [sorry, LOVE Scarecrow]

fear is something you must learn to overcome, you could try hypnotherapy, but mnostly it's a personal journey. in regards to AP, your body isn't in any danger of a demon attack, the second anything threatens it, you're zapped back into it. while you're in the astral, yes, your astral self could be attacked [cuz now all the astral beings are like physical beings] but that doesn't happen unless you're going out of your way. when i project, i go to a secluded valley where dragons dwell. i've never come across another being but dragons, so unless you seek them out, i doubt you'll find one waiting to pounce you.

coming back, there are no documented cases of astral selves getting lost. in the ethral you are attached to your body with a fine string, in the astral, you merely think of your body and you're back.
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