Energy manipulation

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Energy manipulation
Post # 1
I am intrested it, im not new to it either, If anyone knows a great deal about this, and they are willing to teach me, please mail me ^_^
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Re: Energy manipulation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Energy manipulation
Post # 3
Firstly I figured it would be best if I posted in the thread some and then you could send me any questions you may have. This way many people may view the information and be helped by it.

Energy is all around us, and in us. It is found throughout the universe. Manipulating this energy can be simple if one knows how. Typically energy manipulation is done directly through intent and visualization. When using energy manipulation in magick you are basically programing the energy with your intent. Below are some techniques to get you started:

Psi Ball:
One of the most basic techniques, one shapes their energy in their hands into a ball. Allowing a person to learn the flow of their energy throughout their body and how to control this. A simple method of doing this is to place your hand two inches apart and visualize energy flowing from your solar plexus, up to your shoulders, down your arms, and finally coming out of your hands and forming a ball.It may take a few times but eventually you should be able to get it.

Sending out energy with intent:
In this one builds up energy and gives it the intent to do what they wish for it to do. This intent can be done in a various amount of ways. One can visualize what they wish to happen and intend for the energy to make it happen, or one can say it in their mind what they wish to do. How you program your energy is up to you.

These are just some simple techniques, energy manipulation can go much more in depth. If you have any questions please mail me, I would be glad to help in any way.
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