Is This Normal?

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Is This Normal?
Post # 1
I've seen plenty of these, and everyone always talks about some weird ability they found WITHOUT the help of a spell. Well, a few of the ones I have I haven't read about, so I wanted to ask. First of all, I see things in my dreams. Premonitions, whatever. Sometimes they're exactly what happens in the future, and sometimes they're a little cryptic and weird like a normal dream with a hidden message. Whatever they are, they always happen. And they almost always happen when I least expect it, like when I've completely forgotten about it. The next is, when I meet a person, I can read their eyes. This is really weird and I don't expect anybody to believe me, but I can see a change of color in a person's eyes with emotion. And I mean a drastic change. Normally it's just a flash of color that sits for a few seconds and then it's gone, but it's noticeable. I can tell it's not a trick of the light or anything, but I don't really know what this is.
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Re: Is This Normal?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Eyes is called a mirror to the soul. By some.
And I have to agree. Well. To a point;)
I to have a eye thing.
Not sure if it's all the same with yours.
But i can do a eye replication thing. Where if like I focus on a picture. (do a eye reading) I can gett the same eyes if someone would do a reading on me.
So it's not just the eyes I change, but the mood that the person is in.
Now part of me being able to do that is that I work with things reelated. Mood changing and so on. Energy and pretty much anything regarding human behavior, feelings and how the mind works.
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Re: Is This Normal?
Post # 3
You're prabably psychic.
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