Negativity ?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Negativity ?

Negativity ?
Post # 1
Does anyone know any very very powerful strong spell to get rid of every single negative thoughts and negativity from me ? Please i really need help. I have gotten away from witchcraft for a pretty descent time, i really want to go back to it. But alot of negativity is going through my head and its hard to control.
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Re: Negativity ?
Post # 2
I read this a long time ago and it worked for me. Unfortunately, I can't remember what book it's from.
Get black eyeliner (make sure it's NOT waterproof) and write or draw all the negative things you want to get rid of all over your body, wherever seems right to you. Let it be an emotional process, cry, scream, let it out. When your ready, get in the shower and use a white washcloth (or whatever you use) to clean off all the eyeliner. Imagine the negativity washing down the drain with the eyeliner. If it's a lot of stuff though, you may want to concentrate on one big thing, or a few related things. I know I did too much the first time and I couldn't focus because there were too many different unrelated things. I had to break it down and do it a few more times.
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Re: Negativity ?
Post # 3
Okay thanks alot.
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Re: Negativity ?
Post # 4
You can meditate. That gets rid of bad thaughts. Try clearing your chakras. A block can cause inbalance and negative thaughts.
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Re: Negativity ?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Sounds bit like some obsessive dissorder. In any case, mental healing spells or mental protection can help.

Ceartain crystals are said to shut the mind bable such as Aquamarine, Blue lace Agate, Saphire etc. Simply cleasing , charging and carrying one of those may help.

You could try with a mojo bag that is used to "conquer mind troubles" and it should contain for example :

*High John the Conqueror root or Master root ( to conquer or gain mastery over something, here Your mind )
*Mint - Gives strength and clarity, particularly in times of need
*Flax seeds - Blessing and healing the mind, strenghtening mental powers

Of course, If You'd make it Yourself, make sure You know how to properly create
use and take care of a mojo bag. You may add aditional plants, above mentioned is just off top of me head suggestion, there are more combinations that could be used, though always an odd number of ingredients, make sure!

Also You may benefit from a ritual head wash from time to time , for example:

Half a cup blessed salt
Few drops of rosemary essential oil
Sage tea in enough amount to make it a paste-ish solution
Rub on head, wrap in a white towel , hold that on Your hand for 10-20 minutes, wash off, , air dry.

It's suggested than that If You can get it add some cocconut juice or paste to "feed the head" and then wrap head in clean white clothe s and go to sleep. You can do that . One a month, maybe on night just before Moon enters waxing period

You could pray to Saint Dymphna for mental healing, and clarity of mind, If You do not mind working with a Christian Saint.

Lost of wisdom and many Blessings and many wisdom Your way, hope this helps.
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Re: Negativity ?
Post # 6
another good way to get rid of negative energy is to do the following. go out side on a beach bring a stick or something to draw with with you. draw the runic symbol of healing in the sand near the water visualise all that negative energy going in to the sybil in the sand. next, draw a circle around the sybil while visualizing all the negative energy being trapped in the circle. when the wave come up to wash the circle away see the negative energy being washed away as the waves eras the negative energies.
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