I really need help

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I really need help
Post # 1
Ok,so im unable to sleep these having some really bad all started 22 night this room is at the top of my i got a corridor outside.i usually sit outside when i dont feel.sleepy at on 22nd night i was sitting outside staring at sky.i saw bright light moving at first i right it was a plane but it started getting bigger and coming towards was around 23:13(i saw it just before).it became bigger and bigger and my body became numb all of came near and flew off i lost numbness.i suddenly started to feel really sleepy so as i was going to sleep my mom came knocking my door she was shouting.she asked what i was doing so early with lights on.i saw time it was 2:00am i was like WTF? I felt really sleepy so i slept.and two days since then im having bad dreams of some grey men looking at me.i didnt sleep for two days.can someone tell me a solution to this

Sorry for bad english
Blessed be
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Re: I really need help
Post # 2
Perhaps basic paranoia from seeing what, from what you said, is a U.F.O? I see them and get squeaked out for a while too.

But this thought calms me down a bit! What would super intelligent aliens want with little ole' me? It's their fault they were flying in my view!

Also, there are a few calm mind spells around the site to help you get negative thoughts out of your mind. I recommend meditating as well, until you think of nothing at all. Do this every day, and things will probably clear up.

Blessed be!
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Re: I really need help
Post # 3
Meditating really didnt help me.i already tried it.well i dunno if its UFO but im getting really bad dreams i feel like they are real.all the time i only think about it.
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Re: I really need help
Post # 4
Ya it is a UFO. And that is not dreams it is memories...
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