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changing name
Post # 1
Seeing that old topic about names made me think about mine. When I first read about magical names, mine just popped into my head. I did take some time to think about it, but it felt right and I couldn't think of anything better. So I went with it. But that was several years ago, since then, I've taken time off from magic, and my beliefs have changed. I'm thinking of changing my name because I feel like it carries old energies. I realize I don't need a name, but I feel like if I don't, it'll still be there, if that makes sense. So is there a spell or ritual I could do to get rid of that energy or am I just stuck with the old name until I come up with a new one?
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Re: changing name
Post # 2
I don't think so. I've search on google and on here and didn't find luck. I suggest you make up your own ritual. I think all spells/rituals are the same until you make them work. Just cleanse yourself, clean your house and the energy around you. Maybe take a ritual bath. Then offer something to the gods. Then simply say "My new name shall be ___" or something like that. Maybe bring some cakes and wine afterwords to celebrate!

That's what I would do.
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Re: changing name
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I'd use a dedication ritual to give yourself the new name. In magical orders it's normal to take a new name (or "motto" as we often call them) with each new degree. I wouldn't try to get rid of the old one - it's your history and should be build upon, not banished and replaced.
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Re: changing name
Post # 4
You said your magickal name, is that sort of like your true name? or.. what is it, ?
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Re: changing name
Post # 5
Ok Chiron, I'm not trying to erase my memory. I just think I've changed a lot since then.
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