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need help
Post # 1
Hello im a 14 year old boy i can here for the magic but they say if you dont believe in magic it wont happen but i need someone to knocked that non believing magic right out of me :) now i dont know how to create a wand but i just took one for a tree and put a black cloth and tape i wanna turn into birds to try and communicate with my bird as well please help me belive magic and i might do black magic
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Re: need help
Post # 2
Well welcome :) But, you simply cannot change or turn into a different species in any kind such as a bird. That is NOT possible, and not to mention way out of this world. That is just absurd.
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Re: need help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Welcome to SoM! :)

A few things. For starters, I believe most people come to their own personal beliefs about magick through personal experience. No one can make you believe something. Belief does play an important part in magick, and if you are scrutinizing it there's a chance it simply won't work for you. As for the latter part of your post. You cannot turn into a bird, or turn into anything other than what you already are, which is human. Transformation spells are fantasy and do not work.

If you look in the Magic Items forum you might find some good solid info on wands. Best of luck! :)

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Re: need help
Post # 4
Out of everything you could want in magick you want to be a bird.. When I was your age I already had an outer body experience and came very close to death. Let me assure there are much more abilities that are possible and more usefull ,than that infact you cannot become a bird. Sorry for being harsh if you want to know how it feels to fly i suggest lucid dreaming, or astral drifting.
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