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Free Tarot Readings
Post # 1

I am new to Spells of Magic, but I have been practicing esoteric arts since I was a young teenager. I have dabbled in a couple different paths, and I have gotten closer to my God.

One of the skills I have learned over the years is Tarot Readings. I remember my first deck was a generic Rider-Waite rip-off I bought from a jockey lot stand 5 years ago. Now I use the Gilded Tarot Deck by Ciro Marchetti, and I own 4 other decks that have servered me over the years.

I charge nothing for my readings and pleasing you is my top priority.

Some guildlines I would like to lay down first.

~I work a full time job. After you send me a request it might be a day or two before I get back on to give you a reading, it might be a couple hours.
~Do not tell me what your question is. I will usually ask what it is about, please just give me a general idea such as "Family" "Relationship" "School".
~ A Reading is never wrong. Mistakenly interpreted is a possibility. I give you the Card I draw, which way it faces, and its meaning. then I try to use my intuition to dictate what it means and what kind of feeling I get from it so you can mold my meaning to what works for you.
~The reading style I use is Extended Celtic Cross. This is a 10 Card reading, with 4 extra "Reader's guide" cards that I MAY use. I will always tell you the cards and their meaning, but I may not include it in my reading.

Thank you for your time,
Blessed be and God bless.
Mindless Matthew
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Re: Free Tarot Readings
Post # 2
Hey, my name is Sammie and I was wondering if you could do a reading for me please.

thank you and blessed be *)O(*
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Re: Free Tarot Readings
Post # 3
hi my name is Brian and i would like to request a reading please :D inbox me please if you need more from me :D
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