Starting out

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Starting out
Post # 1
I have been dabbling (yes i said dabbling) in herbal remedies for many years now, but i have come to the decision that I want to persue this alot more seriously than I previously have. I am looking for someone i can learn from and compare notes with. Growing, harvesting, recipies ect. at the moment i don't have a specific question... but any help would be appreciated...
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Re: Starting out
Post # 2
I don't know what the laws regarding herbal medicine are like in your neck of the woods but if you want to practice any kind of alternate medicine in a serious way I'd suggest getting some kind of official qualification under your belt.

There are online courses you can take such as the ones run by The College of Natural Medicine which give you a diploma at the end of your training. Or, you can try getting on touch with someone like the Alberta Association of Practicing Herbalists who might have in-person courses listed.
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Re: Starting out
Post # 3
I was shown this really great college site and you can look at flower essenses and different herbs (the herb walk)

just take the spaces out if there are any
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Re: Starting out
Post # 4

I have been a practicing medicinal herbalist for around fifteen years now. Although the majority of my studies and practices have come from the learning and experiences I gathered myself while reading, doing research and fieldwork etc. I have had several long term mentors and guides. Just recently I completed my sixth year medicinal herbal training degree with my latest mentor, the work I have done with her has been more professional grade than as a hobby and passion not that I didn't enjoy my time with her. I also completed the Herbalism program with Penn Foster online, and have a one year certificate from their Herbalism program as well.

Anywho those are a brief introduction to my credentials and experiences with medicinal Herbalism, so now I would like to say I would to to collaborate with another herbalist and share what I know as well as learn from you if your interested. I recently started a long time online project for medicinal Herbalism and herbalists, the projects website can be located on my profile if you'd like to take a gander. Anyway let me know if you'd like to talk.

Green Blessings.

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Re: Starting out
Post # 5
Thank you so much to everyone who has posted! so far my training has been limited to what has been passed down by my elders. I actually had no idea you could go to school for this! that helps me SO much!

Blueberries! I'd love a chance to chat with you and learn a little from you. I'm afraid i may not have a whole lot to offer up beyond my results in the tests I've run on myself...
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