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New To Magic
Post # 1
I have been interested in magic my whole life but im only now starting out. If anyone can tell me anything to help me get started or some very easy spells for a begginer please post. Also do you need to make your wand yourself because i bought an ebony wand from Alivans.
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Re: New To Magic
Post # 2
try a rain spell, very easy, lol i did 1to day and its raining, most of them work
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Re: New To Magic
Post # 3

Merry meet Genesis! Welcome to the magical path, I hope that you will get the best results :)

People who wish to get started always start learning the basics of magic.
Here are examples for "the basics":

  • Meditation
  • Energy manipulation and direction
  • Visualation
  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Shielding

After you finish with the basics, you'd Probably want to cast spells. Spell casting has its own basics, such as:

  • Circle casting
  • Planetary hours and days
  • Colors
  • Tools
  • Moon phases

You should keep studying and practicing with the basics for few months, a year or so would be better.

Wand is basically a magic tool which helps you to direct energy. You must know that no tool is really necessary. Tools are meant to help the magic practitioner, but the actual skill and ability is within the practitioner, not within the tool. If you choose to use a wand - do it, if you choose to direct energy without any tool - do it. This is very simple and understandable.

Good luck!

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Re: New To Magic
Post # 4
Hi there you look for advice let me give u a bette start the advice other give is good but there is a betta way.3ou want to do magic so start with midset fisrt step.i will teach you direct magic real magic.point one what magic do you want to do?point two why point three what do you wish to achieve??im a natural born warlock my aura is purple.if you wish to know more.let me know the shortest and best paths between two points is a straight line ceremony colour etc etc is ok but direct acces to anima mundi or manoh or the earth or the sun is gain great power at the tip of your fingerpoints is no need for ceremony wands etc it is tools for those that like to play and with respect seldom get results go through tedious exercises etc and still cannot defend themselves properly or do what must be done nor accomplish their main goal sad but true investigate thoroughly their life and you will see for yourself.let the light of anima deus be with you.
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Re: New To Magic
Post # 5
Thank you all for all the information I found it all very useful. I tried a spell to make a storm and got a thunderstorm. Now Im trying to study up on planetary hours and colors in response to Yulians comment and in response to magefires comment:1.I want to learn about every kind of magic that I can but for now I cant learn herbology or chrystal magic because I dont have the materials yet.2.I have been interested in it for a long time and I want to achieve as much knowledge as I can. With magic then I can learn even more about myself and the world. 3.If I learn magic then I wont be so helpless. I want to be able to protect and help as many people as I can.
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