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Post # 1
I know I'm usually the one asking can I substitute this for this. So I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread on what you can use instead of buying things if you don't have the money. (sterilize and clense these things before using) some stuff you can even make yourself. Please correct me if I'm wrong

Cauldron- An old pot

Atheme-A kitchen knife

Dish for salt- those little things you get at restaurants not the plastic ones but the ceramic ones

Chalice for water and wine/grape juice- obviously a cup i use a small glass cup for the water and a really big cup for the wine

Wand- you can make them yourself if you don't want too you can always use your finger (from what ive read)

incense- you can make it yourself I'm not sure of the rules with that but i get mine at the dollar store

incense burner or censer- I know sometimes they come with the incense

pentacle- you can make this yourself if you have a tile or disk availible I personally drew mine on and outlined it in salt

altar cloth- an old white sheet or black sheet i know they can also be different colors

candles/candle holders- candles you can get just about anywhere for about a dollar but if you dont have candle holders like me I've been using old wine bottles

burning dish- It should have some sort of foot so that no heat reaches the altar. The dish can be made of any material so long as it is not flammable and can be shaped like a bowl or a plate

bell- although the bell should be silver you can use a brass one i use a silver one that says christmas of 92

boline- can be any small knife with a white handle

statues/pictures of deities- I read somewhere (I'm sorry I can't remember where) that if you cant get statues or pictures you can use a seashell to represent the lady and a dragon to represent the lord

hope this helped like I said in the up at the top please correct me if im wrong

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Re: substitutes
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
a substitute for incense and burner would be to simply burn herbs in any fireproof container. You can use a large seashell or the pot you are using for a cauldron.
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Re: substitutes
Post # 3
"You can use a large seashell or the pot you are using for a cauldron."

One note on this - pretty much everyone I know who draws from the Native American traditions and beliefs has gone on a short rant about how people shouldn't do that. I'm not trying to say we should all just accept that as law or anything, just pointing out that you may want to check with your tradition or pantheon before using a shell as an incense holder. I suppose it's not so strange that some would care about that; putting something flaming inside something from the ocean could certainly seem conflicted by some views.
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