Past Life Memory

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Past Life Memory
Post # 1
Wow I just had the most vivid past life memory up till this point in my life. I have remembered 3 lives and this makes four.

I was a general in the civil war. I don't remember my name. But I do remember other parts. I was betrayed by a friend. Then I was shot. After that he pulled out one of those cavalry swords (I think I was in the cavalry) and beheaded me. That was not a pleasant memory. I can remember where I was shot too. One or two inches after the lower rib cage ends. Just after you get to the side belly. I can still remember how it burned.

I want to ask people why they think I keep having violent deaths. This is the third life I was killed in. I remember being a Persian warrior named Imahied (not sure how to spell it, think it is middle eastern for Abraham). I remember being stabbed in the back by a small dagger. Right where that kidneys are. It was dark and in an alley (or something similar to an alley). I couldn't see the face of the one who did it. Then there was the life where I remember having my neck snapped. But I don't remember much about that life. But let me tell you everyone thinks snapping a neck is painless to the person but there is a brief window when one can feel it. It does NOT feel good. Thoughts?
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Re: Past Life Memory
Post # 2
It might not be you but humans in general, we have been constantly fighting each other so it would not be uncommon.
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Re: Past Life Memory
Post # 3
Its the wheel of life and you have something to learn. If you dont learn it you go back and redo the whole thing again. You must change something. Only you know what it is, or can find out what
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Re: Past Life Memory
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

There is a law. The law of recurrence. It sate that we have the intention to repeat what we had done it the past life.

If you wanted to go to Egipt whitout an explication and from a very early age, there are high chances that you could had lived in Egipt in a life.

What I'm tryint to say, it's that we tend to do the same mistakes and to live the same events as in our past lives.

There are 3 laws that guvernates our life:the law of recurrence, the law of accidence and the law of conscious action(that appears very rare).

It could be also karma.

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Re: Past Life Memory
Post # 5
When dealing with past life memory it is my understanding that we remember the most important aspects of our past or the areas that influenced us the most. If you were a warrior and kept firing bloody and violent deaths then perhaps their is a lesson to be learner here.
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