Element Magick

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Element Magick
Post # 1
I had thought long and hard before deciding to write this thread

I've been in the Element Magick coven for over a year now. It seem that the HP/S have been log in nearly everyday, though neither of them have been posting in the coven's forum for over several months now. I understand that everyone is busy with the lives but I am the only council that's active, Im not really posting this to complain or anything because it is part of my job as council to look after the coven while the HP/S is gone.

On the coven's main page it said " if you are new here, please bear with us as the coven is going through some changes"

Though no changes has been make whatsoever, except the rules that has been posted on the main page now got erase.

recently we have many members joining asking for teachers or looking for some sense of guidance. I feel like I cant do this all by myself, so if there is anyone who's willing to help the coven out please join. I'll be setting up classes and cleaning up the forum abit, but there's so much one person can do. I cant remove inactive members, or make the coven more lively

I do not wish to see my coven go down dying or become "fluff" I already pour out my heart and soul so please help
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Re: Element Magick
Post # 2
Well that is ironic, because your coven was the 1st one I was going to join. But yet, I haven't joined any since I'm still preparing myself and such. So is then Element Magick totally out of the block?
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Re: Element Magick
Post # 3
We're still accepting application (I believe) like I said the HP/S log on nearly everyday they just dont post in the forum or said much in the chat

I'll be in there reply to threads and helping out as much as I can
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Re: Element Magick
Post # 4
Oh okay. I'm still deciding, but thank you.
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Re: Element Magick
Post # 5
Why couldnt your coven members be more active, you should make a page/forum to get your members to realize that the community should act together and create more helpful information .
Im sorry if im being questionative ,i was just wondering so maybe i could help
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