hello im new.

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hello im new.
Post # 1
Well im kinda new at all this. i been here for 3 or 4 days?? i dont know i havent kept time at all but i like to ask a question. Well I think there a little girl ghost in my house. She actually talked to me before a couple times but never for a long time. I been tugged by my hair a couple times but never hard enough to hurt, my pillow gets tugged all the time. One time it was around 12:15 i was finishing up my essay so i was putting a note for my mom to wake me up early. A girl voice said behind me "Turn around Yecenia" i quickly turned and saw nothing then there was a giggle.. Another time my sister said she saw "me" walking past her. she said i looked angry then she enter my room and screamed "What are you doing there?" She woke me up cause she was loud. and kept saying i just passed her she was completely freaked. so i think it was the girl agian.. Then a couple months ago i say a girl in a fancy dress sitting on the middle of my bed looking at me in my mirror. She was wearing all black and purple her skin looked kinda gray extremely sad yet happy i didnt really get a good look cause she disappear when i blinked. she had such a weird expression. i dont really know why she might be her so help??
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Re: hello im new.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: hello im new.
Post # 3
I reread your post many of times.Hard to understand fully what you tried to ask but I got a clue what your asking. Ghost can be there from the houses history, and or occult practices in the house or nearby.Through Oujia Boards and other practices some people get a kick at. That's why she could be there in the first place. If you are worried about her, I suggest a cleansing and or banishing of the ghost. I really hope this helped shed light on your questions. Even that it was hard to read I am glad to help anyone.
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Re: hello im new.
Post # 4
Thank you for your help. Well my house is quite old i had actually a lot of ghost experience but she really the only one the is really active. Well thanks for your help agian.
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