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Suggest me a spell!
Post # 1

There's an evilish woman who has enticed my own big sister, Diana, away. She's even signed herself on as Diana's sister on Facebook, told Diana I'm a horrible sister and Diana's kids / grandkids I'm a horrible aunt.

This Roxy wanted my man, but he thought she was a pig, especially since she made the play for him at my birthday celebration 2 yrs ago. Ever since then she's been a vindictive witch with a capital 'B' and I haven't been able to get my rightful place back because we've been down on our luck and Roxy has loads of money due to the fact that she makes it with every guy she can and asks them for spending money. Really they should just legalize prostitution since people like Roxy are doing it like that.

But my question to this community is, what spell do you suggest to prove to Diana that Roxy really does say these mean things and that I'm not just being a 'jealous little sister' as she thinks? I mean Roxy has sabotaged some things like I'd had plans with Diana and her husband to have dinner out with my man and I, but Roxy found out a couple of days before and on the night of the outing, went over and said, "Hey! We're all going to a concert!" and railroaded Diana and her hubby into going out - or so Diana says.

Anyway...what do any of you suggest? I'm at my wit's end. The town I live in is small and I don't have any girlfriends to hang out with nor enough money to move yet...what should I do?
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Re: Suggest me a spell!
Post # 2
Maybe some kind of truth spell? maybe you can get this roxy person to tell the truth that way.
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Re: Suggest me a spell!
Post # 3
I don't know? Shoot her in the head (I'm joking so don't seriously do that)

I don't really there is a spell for this but I do believe in stuff like this just let the words come to you and create the spell yourself

You know what needs to be done more then us so just make it yourself but avoid words like "death" or "hit with a car" and the spell should work without anything bad coming to you
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Re: Suggest me a spell!
Post # 4
I'd do a binding or a protection spell.
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