Tarot Teacher Needed..

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Tarot Teacher Needed..

Tarot Teacher Needed..
Post # 1
I want to learn the art of tarot! Could a experience tarot reader please teach me the art? Mail me anytime! Blessed be!
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Re: Tarot Teacher Needed..
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Just to be honest with you, you really don't need a teacher for this stuff. Yeah you might need some pointers at first but after your 5th or 8th real reading you'll get a hang with it. If you want some starter pointers than here they are:

Pick your own deck when you are buying one. Getting one as a gift will not mean as much as the one you are getting for yourself. When you are looking at the selection of decks look for the one that calls to you the most.

Once you take your deck home look in the box and see what you have for a deck. This means if you have the right cards you are looking for (when you are picking, go for the 72 deck that has the Major and Minor Arcane), if there is a bag (if you can see the cards when they are inside the bag then get a new black cotton silk bag that has enough room to hold your cards. I found mine in Walmart next to the garden stuff.), and be sure there is a book that explains to you what each card means.

Read over that book and to increase your knowledge and your experience with the cards by giving yourself readings. I will go for the spread that is included within the book the cards came with. While you are doing this find a comfortable way to shuffle your cards that will mix them and turn them upside down and via.

Last tip: there are two kinds of readings. Cold readings and warm readings. Cold readings is when you are reading a person you have never meet or don't know much about. A warm reading is when you know the person, could be a family member you are close to or a friend you hand out with all the time. The difference is that with cold readings you have to let them tell their side of the story so you can better understand where the cards are coming from. This doesn't mean have them read the cards, you still have to read the cards and tell them what the cards stand for. Warm readings is better for new comers because this gives you the chance to read the card and use what you know of the person to tell the reading like a story. This will make you feel more comfortable with the cards.

The longer you do readings the more easier it will be and the more tricks you will learn. Good luck!

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