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Tree of Life
Post # 1
This is a brief introduction of the tree of life. You are expected to have a basic knowledge about the tree of life to a degree. This post is to help you better understand on some systems of the tree of life used by High Magicians. This helps you better yourselves through the Tree of life, Like spiritual Alchemy but the tree will be our basis.

1. The Three Pillars.

As you know the Tree of life has 10 sephiroht or spheres each of it is divided into 3 rows. One system of the Tree of life incorporated into High Magicks are the "Three Pillars" which are "The Pillar of Mercy", "The Pillar of Severity", "The Pillar of Mildness"

-The Pillar of Mercy:

It is at the right side of the tree. The Sephiroht are "Hochma, Hesed, and Netzach" which are translated into "Wisdom, Mercy, and Victory" A good way to help you remember it's wisdom is to remember this statement:

"To be merciful, we must have Wisdom (2nd sephira) to see the results of our actions and realize that victory (7th Sephira) can come about through wisdom and mercy (4th Sephira)"

-The Pillar of Severity

It is at the left side of the tree. The Sephiroht are "Binah, Giburah, and Splendor" a good way to help you remember this statement is:

"To be severe, we must have an understanding (3rd sephira) of the laws of the universe and strength (5th sephira) to empower them justly, but never yielding to giving mercy only justice, and act this through splendor"

-The Pillar of mildness

This is the middle pillar of the tree, The Sephiroht are "Mahlkoot, Yesode, Tiferet, Keter" wich can be translated into "Kingdom, Foundation, Beauty, Crown" To further understand this is this statement:

"To be mild, we must realize that we live in the kingdom (10th sephira) of earth and we are not Gods. Therefore, in whatever we strive we must seek a foundation (9th sephira) of beauty (6th sephira) by avoiding the extremes of overseverity and too much mercy. In this way we can seek to Crown (1st sephira) our efforts to success"

Now people usually take the middle pillar or the "Pillar of Mildness" and they stick to it throughout all their situations. This is not entirely true, a true magician must switch back and forth from the pillars in order to produce the correct judgement. You cannot simply, use the pillar of mercy if there is someone trying to kill you. You must use the correct pillar at the correct time (Note: There is another sephira below Keter called Da'at but we will not use that for now)

2. The Three Triangles

In order to understand the tree of life we must split the tree into 3 parts. Divide "Keter (1st sephira), Hochma (2nd Sephira), and Binah (3rd Sephira)" into one group this is our "Celestial triangle". Divide " Hesed (4th sephira), Giburah (5th sephira, Tiferet (6th sephira)" into another group this is our "Moral Triangle". Finally Divide "Netzach (7th sephira), Hode (8th sephira), Yesode (9th sephira), Mahlkoot (10th sephira), this is our "Mundane Triangle"

-Celestial Triangle

This is the triangle where it is said where God is supposed to sit. It starts at a single point (Keter) and divides into 2 (Hochma and Binah) this shows that although Divinity is unity, everything that manifests can be seen in the form of duality: Male and Female, Hot and cold, Magnetic and electric, Force and Form,etc. It is the duty of the magician to overcome this understanding and not simply think that they are opposites. As an example the magician must learn that the day is not opposite to night, but rather both day and night are a natural part of the Earth's spinning on it's axis.It is also said that the most celestial beings belong on this triangle as they Have Widom and Understanding and are capable of wearing the Crown of creation.

-The Moral Triangle

In the moral triangle, it is simply stated that the combination of Strength and Mercy is equivalent to Beauty. The moral triangle is the balance or equilibrium. If we have too much mercy, we become weak and unable to complete our goals. People will take advantage of us. On the other hand, if we show only strength and are totally unmerciful, we might be able to achieve our goals but never without difficulty, but we will have no friends, and have no real love, and our success becomes meaningless, Therefore it is only wise that the combination of both achieves true equilibrium within us, so that beauty emanates from our success. Thus, the sides of the triangle guides us on what is called the "moral compass."

-The Mundane Triangle

The mundane triangle is the lowest triangle. It concerns physical success only and not mental or spiritual success unlike the others above it. Here, a victory followed by too much mercy leads to defeat, while splendor of a victory, if not tempered with Mercy, leads to revolution and ruin. When balanced, a foundation for success in this world exists and a Kingdom may be found.

3. The Four Worlds

To understand the Four worlds we must again divide the Tree into 4 parts. The 1st part will be consisting of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd sephiroht which is called "Ha-Oh-Lahm Atziloot". The 2nd part consists of the 4th, 5th, 6t Sephiroht which is called "Ha-Oh-Lahm B'ri-yah". The 3rd one consists of the 7th, 8th, and 9th sephiroht It is called "Ha-Oh-Lahm Yetzira". Finally the 4th one consists of the 10th sephira which is called "Ha-Oh-Lahm Ahssiah"

To explain this we shall label each to what it represents:

-Atziloot (Purpose or Need)
-B'ri-yah (Creation Planning stage)
-Yetzirah (Creation Action Stage)
-Ahssiah (Finished Product)

Here is a brief explanation of the subject:

Atziloot- You must determine the need or purpose of an object, for example If God would want to create the universe, God would perceive the need for something. Here it is obvious that there is a "need" hence, God is working in Atziloot.

B'ri-yah- This is the Planning Stage or the "Mental Stage", let us continue our example from the example above. Next, God would see that a universe composed of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and living things were necessary. Here God is planning which is evident that he is working in B'ri-yah.

Yetzirah- The action stage or the stage where you actually create it physically through motion. Next God would begin doing whatever necessary in order to create the Universe. He would be creating these things through his divine power hence he is in Yetzirah.

Ahssiah- The Finish product or the "After" part of the entire thing. God would put life and action into the formed parts of the universe and would be operating in the world of Ahssiah.

Those are some of the uses of the Tree of Life can be used to better one's self. You can for example base "The Three Pillars" as your attitude towards life ever changing from one pillar to another depending on the situation at hand, or you could base "The Four Worlds" When you would want to buy or make something if you need it, by following the steps of the 4 worlds.
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Re: Tree of Life
Post # 2
This is absolutely brilliant ad I have bookmarked it for reference, I dislike the cabalah it is very confusing but you have layed it out in an easy to read way thank you!

Blessed Be.
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Re: Tree of Life
Post # 3
Thank you for the complimence. I think I will be making another post on my commentary about the "Path of the arrow" by the yogi, and how everyone should react to it or incorporate it into their lives.
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