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Forums -> Magic Items -> Driftwood?

Post # 1
I was wondering, would driftwood have propertys that are different from the original tree it came from being as it was through the water and changed.
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Re: Driftwood?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Interesting question. I would say yes it has different properties because of the water taking out certain minerals and stuff. But I am no expert on the subject.
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Re: Driftwood?
Post # 3
maby so sounds intresting
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Re: Driftwood?
Post # 4
I would say look at how much the wood has changed. A strong and dense wood turned light and Styrofoam-ey by the sea obviously wouldn't encapsulate strength and sturdiness quite like it did before.

Driftwood itself also has it's own properties, driftwood having been what the first Man and Woman were made from in Norse myth.
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Re: Driftwood?
Post # 5
I agree with Chiron's idea. How much has the texture and the appearance of the wood changed? If it has changed drastically, as Chiron said, it obviously would not encompass the aspects it used to before being changed by the water.

Water itself promotes the emotions, cleansing, change in direction, etc. Take a look how the properties of water have influenced the wood- can the water have passed on similar properties to the wood?

This had me curious myself, so here's what I found through a bit of quick research:

''While each tree celebrates its own unique magickal qualities, when wood becomes enveloped in water?s ebb and flow, its original properties and form become altered by the additions of other multiple energies it then encounters. The wood absorbs the new energies from life sources which are also housed within the water.

And too, since it no longer is restrained by roots and earth, within its newfound freedom of travel, wood?s magickal energy base and form is then continuously enhanced by a multitude of natural forces. Therefore, I believe it is not necessary to know the original source of a driftwood?s birthright.''

Again, as Chiron also said, driftwood itself has it's own representations which you may want to look into.
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Re: Driftwood?
Post # 6
I'd say that if anything, driftwood, from an aesthetic view point, would make a rather beautiful wand, especially if decorated with shells, sea glass [especially for the tip] , and maybe a sea gull feather. It would be a tool to make Neptune proud, one surging with the elemental powers of water.
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