what are orbs

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> what are orbs

what are orbs
Post # 1
Okay so some thinks orbs showing up on camera are dust particles or water drops. But see, Ive been taking alot of pictures around the house lately and during the day there are never any orbs, but at night all of a sudden I have like 10 balls of light showing up on camera, so I took another picture in the same area, and they were almost all gone.

What does this mean? I cleaned the lens of my camera many, many times thinking this was dust or humidity, but still I would get orbs in my pictures. Outside somewhere else I wouldt get them.

What do you think this is?
I am testing the thesis or this and taking nighttime pictures in the graveyard ti see what shows up
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Re: what are orbs
By: / Novice
Post # 2
it's dust particles. about 99% of the time obs in pictures is dust. most people who believe in spirits don't find pictures of orbs as credible evidence. why you see more orbs at night instead of day is the amount of light. if your flash is on it'll pick up on the particles, same if the sun is setting, the light is angled in a way it reflects off the dust in the air.

if you take photo's of the same spot all in different settings, and orbs appear in the same spot [roughly] each time, and your lens is as clean as you say, then you may have something. as it stands, orbs aren't much of anything. you could try with a video camera, or meditate where the orbs tend to appear, see if you hear/sense anything.
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Re: what are orbs
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
well some beleave that they may be energey orbs like when you can see infer red on camra but not with out
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Re: what are orbs
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

Though many will discredit orbs in pictures as dust or other debris in the air that is reflecting light from a flash or other light source there are also many who believe that some of these orbs are actually spiritual energy. I personally believe that some of the orbs one captures on film is actually dust or other debris in the air however some of the orbs are not. It really depends on the orb that is captured.

I believe the "whiter" and more solid orbs are in fact just dust or other particulates in the air. The orbs that are more translucent or transparent are to me evidence of spiritual energy. The reason I say this is because I have seen too many of the pictures taken of me, my family, and others whom I have practiced magic with during times when spiritual energy or activity is high contain the translucent or transparent orbs. I have seen these orbs covering the hand of a person as they hold a wand or other magical item as well as from the hands and heads of those strongly connected to the universal energies. I once had my picture taken during a Yoga class that not only had a transparent orb just above my pointed fingers while in warrior one there was also another between the top of my head and hands. Translucent orbs captured at random or just hanging in the picture not specifically by a source of energy could be some form of spiritual energy. My youngest daughter often has a transparent orb close to her in candid shots and sometimes there is more than one. I believe at least one to be a spirit that has been very close to her for her entire life.

This is after all just my opinion and I do understand that many would call me crazy for my thoughts. I don't mean to give this information as fact other than what I have concluded from my own personal experiences. Of course in the end it is up to everyone to make up their own mind as to what these orbs actually are.

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