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tv shows
Post # 1
Has anyone seen the Disney show, My Babysitter's A Vampire? I've noticed some things on the show that portray the "traditional" ideas of witches, magic, and the occult that might be offensive to those who practice magick or who are Wiccans. In particular, tonight's episode was about extreme worship of the deities, which required human sacrifice. I personally find that show entertaining, but I just wondered if anyone else has seen it, and if so, what are their views on it?
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Re: tv shows
Post # 2
My kids watch that show. I guess it never occurred to me to watch. Remember, this is Disney, they've offended just about everyone but white Christians at some point. And any misinformation can be called offensive.
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Re: tv shows
By: / Novice
Post # 3
heard of, haven't watched. i tend to shy from anything with wiccan's or people who are suppose to be some new age follower. stuff like Hocus Pocus doesn't bother me because they're suppose to be green skinned stereotypes that eat children. things like that doesn't bother me. when they make a movie [blair witch 2] and have a wiccan who goes around telling people off because who she is and is extremely annoying, acting like the burnings was last week, or something, then i'm offended. middle ground like Practal Magic i like, though i went in scheptical since most people who write 'minorities' go for what society knows and not reality.

Disney, i love Disney, i mean, i love the illusion of Disney. i know facts about Disney, like how he hated unions, and how he paired up people who hated each other because it gave the best results, and so on. but i love the faerie tale world that Disney represents. [commercialism at it's finest people] Disney is a company, they make money. what's more entertaining for children, people flying on broomsticks with black cats, or a bunch of people sitting around meditating for 5 minutes before lighting a candle? also, Disney has sort of offended white Christians, when Fantasia came out they were pretty pissed at Chernabog in the Bald Mountain part. original test audiences were offended, so they added the defeat by the church choir.
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