Psychic?? Help.

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Psychic?? Help.
Post # 1
For awhile now I have been having dreams that end up coming true. My dreams are very specific and always involve me. In my dreams I'm sometimes in a place I have never been before, or I am with people I have never met. I usually forgot these dreams until they happened but recently I have been remembering them. When I realize that I'm doing something that I dreamed about. It's starts with a feeling of Deja vu. Then the realization sets in but by then it's already over. These visions are only of a few minutes. When I say these dreams are very specific I mean that in the dreams I am with certain people, in a certain place, and they say certain things. And when I finally live out the dream everything is the exact same way. Can someone help me with this?
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Re: Psychic?? Help.
Post # 2
Many people tend to have prophetic dreams. Try to keep a dream journal and writing down each thing you remember about your dreams when you wake up. This can help you start remembering your dreams and eventually you will be able to remember the prophetic ones. If however you wish to snuff the gift, then you may want to try other methods including ensuring yourself you will not dream about the future each night before you got to sleep. This type of affirmation should eventually snuff out the dreams, or at least lessen them. Though I would think to throw away such a gift would be wasteful but everyone has to make their own decisions.
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Re: Psychic?? Help.
Post # 3
Thanks. I'll try to keep a good dream journal. I would never want to get rid of my gift. I would very much like to help it grow. So if you or anyone knows how to help me get control of my gift that would be very helpful and much appreciated.
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Re: Psychic?? Help.
Post # 4
Try positive affirmations for it. The same as you would get rid of it you can help try to make it grow. Try before to sleep on meditating about having dreams of the future, and while you are going to sleep on telling yourself that you will. For example repeat "I will dream of the future" multiple times in your head until you fall asleep.
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