Love spell

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Love spell
Post # 1
Ok I need a spell that'll help get my ex back. She loves me but were having a hard time rekindling the love. Its difficult because shes afraid of getting hurt again. Is there a spell that will actually be effective and help me get her back? I have no idea if im doing it wrong cuz love spells arent my forte. Anyway someone help me please.
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Re: Love spell
Post # 2

I don't normally advocate love spells, as I don't believe that spells can create authentic love. However, in this case, some spell work may help you.

You said she still loves you. This is a big plus. And as she said she doesn't want to get hurt again, she probably wants some kind of healing. Space and time can do this.

If your situation is such that you are still able to communicate intimately, you could ask her if she is willing to take part in, or allow you to perform, a relationship healing spell or ritual. It would be fantastic if you were able to perform such a work together!

My main reason for supporting this is that the love is already there, it just needs a boost and some care, - a little bit of mending. It's really important that you trust each other enough that you are both ok about this going ahead. That trust and commitment in itself will already be a huge part of the work.

My husband and myself seperated about six times before we finally settled, now it's been 12 years, so keep at it! You'll know when and if it's over ;)

Use your imagination to create your work. Think of symbolism and correspondences. Feel free to mail me if you need some additions to your own ideas. Good luck! :)

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Re: Love spell
Post # 3
I agree if she's willing to work it out and participate in a spell meant for couples then there are plenty of good ones out there. Look for one together.
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Re: Love spell
Post # 4
Thank you
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