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astral project
Post # 1
here is a technique to astral project to the mystic real.

goo out side and find a large oak tree than sit comfortably in front of the oak tree.

go in to a trace or meditative state of being.
now see in your spirit vision or third eye site a large wooden door at the base of the oak tree.
next you need to pout you conciseness in you spirit body or astral body.
next you stand up out of you body and walk through the wooden door. you will see a spiral star case that gos deeper and deeper into the earth.
next you will see a tunnel that is dark you feel the urge to walk down the tunnel. you start to see a sperk of light. continue to walk down the tunnel. the light is getting brighter and brighter.

next you will see a large room with the Lord of Magick siting on his thrown the room is lit up by torches. you bow before the Lord of Magick and ask him to give you a mystic name. once he give you a mystic name he will give you a gift.
Next he will ask you to go to the mystic light and you go to the mystic light which is a large orb of energy in the mystic real. you are in the mystic light now. let the light fill your every being to the point that it becomes your astral body.
next you tern around and thank the Lord of Magick and he will give you some new spirit guides.

now you are walking back through the dark tunnel and you bring your new guides with you in the tunnel and your gift wich is part of your astral body.
next you will clime up the spiraling star case back to the physical plain. you slam to wooden door shut and you bring your guides with you and your gift and mystic name. now you return to you physical body.
open you physical eyes now you are back in the physical plain.
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Re: astral project
Post # 2
That was pretty cool.
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